Leopard and Pearl (and Miss Piggy Vibes)

If you don’t consider Miss Piggy a style icon, I can safely assume we don’t have much in common. The self confidence. The over-the-top outfits. The accessories. What’s not to love? And the Miss Piggy in my mind has one très chic item with every look: oversized fur or feathers bunched up around the neck.

Sometimes it’s a feather boa. Other times it’s a stole. My favorite is when she dons an oversized coat with massive lapels framing her face, à la her frankly ICONIC Instagram post.


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Faux fur, genuine moi!

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I couldn’t find the hat, but I think my new coat is a pretty close match.

Currently wearing… Millie bracelet [HERE] and Miya necklace [HERE], c/o Kendra Scott | Pasha coat [HERE] and Tip Toe flats [HERE] c/o Soft Surroundings | Jeans, Madewell

I swapped her pearls for a modern version: ivory pearl accessories with silver detailing from the new Kendra Scott Spring ’19 collection. Paired with this oversized Soft Surroundings coat—which is so fun to gather around my chin as I peek out from behind my sunglasses—and minimalist loafers, I think we have a mildly edgy take on this magnificent Muppet.

Now I just need to recreate her look from Drop The Mic.

If you don’t laugh at her Kermit tea joke, I… I just don’t know what to say. Bye?

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