My Healthy Valentine: 3 At-Home Workouts We Do Together

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I love Valentine’s Day and all the corny romance around it. Declarations of love? Charming gifts? Promises to be together forever? Sign me up. But to be together forever—or, ya know, as long as possible—you both need to be healthy, which is why we both decided to spend more time being active in 2019. I love my Valentine so much I want to see him when he’s 33 and 93! And to do that, we need to exercise.

We have a gym membership, of course, and I’ve actually started to enjoy going, but there are times we have to exercise at home. Perhaps the workout time window is too short, or we’re just looking to add a little more motion into a lazy day. (Or, as of late, maybe it’s polar vortex-ing and it’s actually unsafe to go outside. Way to go, midwest!) Regardless of the reason, we’ve found three at-home workouts we can do together that get us moving and add a new type of bonding. Who knew working out was a lot more fun when you add your favorite person in the world into the mix?

Check out three of our favorite home workouts below. Sometimes we do all three together, while other times one serves as a warm-up for something more intense. And don’t forget to recommend your favorite at-home workouts in the comments so we can shake things up!


Learning yoga in a studio setting is fantastic, but if you’re crunched for time or on a tight budget, free YouTube yoga is a fantastic solution. When we’re housebound and in need of exercise, Lance often grabs the mats and I slip on a pair of stretchy leggings before we find an online yoga routine to follow together. We aren’t great, but laughing while failing is half of the fun—and we’re getting better!


If you’re willing to feel a little silly (at least at first) shadowboxing is a great exercise. I wasn’t initially into it, but my husband reminded me Idris Elba reportedly loves it and who are we to argue with him. Ha! Consider me sold. Sure, I still feel a but goofy punching into the air at nothing, but with a good soundtrack it can be pretty fun. We’ve also had a great time boxing together using training punch mitts. We each take turns doing two-minute rounds of punching into each other’s hands. After my round I’m… well, you can see. Clearly exhausted.


This one really takes it out of me! If we’re looking to really sweat without leaving the house, Lance and I run or walk the stairs. We take turns each doing five full sets of stairs, then four, then three, etc. Whoever isn’t on the stairs is grabbing water and cheering the other one on from the adjacent living room. It’s important to stay safe while doing this, as stairs are obviously a dangerous part of your house, but I have personally felt secure since I’m wearing quality workout sneakers which grip my stairs nicely. This cardio is seriously intense for those stuck inside without access to a machine, and stairs are also great for other exercises, too, including push-ups and lunges. Not buying the power of stairs? Just ask Rocky! (Or, the Mayo Clinic or Real Simple.)

Have a happy (and healthy!) Valentine’s Day!

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