Letting my Husband Pick my Clothing? // Halter Tops + Circle Skirts

There comes a point in I’m sure all relationships when you adjust your wardrobe, to some extent, for the other person. I’m not saying you should dress for anyone but yourself – but with that being said, if you’ve asked your significant other to try an apparel change, it seems fair you at least consider returning the favor.

Case in point: My husband and I have been together for almost eight years. When we started dating, Lance wore a lot of oversized flat-billed hats in neon colors with goofy neon t-shirts, Dickies shorts, and puffy sneakers. Truth be told, it was not my favorite look. After some serious suggesting, he finally picked up a plaid button-up from Target to put over one of the graphic tees. His wardrobe has never been the same, and in my opinion, it has only improved with my assistance. You’re welcome, world.

I am more vocal about these things than Lance largely because I write about fashion, which means I think and talk about fashion more than he does. But it was small minded of me to assume that he not have preferences too – and years together have convinced me that his preference is a halter top.

I’ve never been huge on halters. They’re cute, but halters mean strapless or potentially backless bras. Halters often hide the cleavage which I’d much rather showcase than my shoulder. Halters frankly leave me cold. In a world with so many neckline (and I guess, backline? idk) options, I just never gravitate toward halters.

But my husband does. On many occasions, Lance has sweetly pointed to a halter and said how pretty it would look on me. He’s asked what they’re called. He has forgotten and asked again. Halters have come up handfuls of times during our relationship, but my closet has stayed without.

I haven’t asked Lance what heartthrob from his childhood wore a halter top, but I’d bet a few bucks that’s the cause. That or I have sincerely sexier shoulders than I give myself credit for, and he just wants an excuse to stare at those blades (ooh la la!) all day. Either way, it has been literal years and years that he has mentioned this; I figured it was time to try the halter.

And to be honest, I think he was on to something.

Currently wearing… Winona Denim Wrap Crop Top c/o Tobi [HERE] | Zebra skirt, Express | Shoes, c/o Express | Rebecca Minkoff saddle bag c/o St. Louis Premium Outlets

…Because I think this looks damn good. For bonus points, I paired this halter with a skirt I know he likes. (#wifewin) Great pick, handsome! Perhaps next time I’ll try your suggestions just a bit sooner. No promises.

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