Mental Musings and Maternity Photos

Hi. My name is Julia, I am nearly nine months pregnant during a pandemic trying to manage owning my own business, a house remodel, a marriage, and three pets. I’m not sinking, but I wouldn’t say the last few months have been smooth sailing either. Mainly I’m just sleepy.

There’s a part of me that feels riddled with guilt if I complain during this pregnancy, as we found for so many years to get here. But even during my most hormonal outbursts I know trouble with conceiving doesn’t negate trouble during pregnancy, and having a hard time doesn’t negate feeling grateful. After all, 2020 is everyone’s most complicated year this just happens to be what’s making mine difficult.

I wasn’t planning to make the time for maternity photos for a myriad of reasons. The ones I most often see aren’t my personal aesthetic. My schedule was already too packed. And, as proud as I am of my body and what it is doing, I don’t feel photogenic while pregnant. I feel puffy and exhausted.

Last minute I asked my friends at Ben Romang Photo in Springfield, Illinois, if they had time for a quick session while we were in town for our social distance baby shower. (More on how our friends and family pulled off two amazing, no-contact events soon! Also the Ben Romang team travels, so be sure to check out their work no matter where you live.) I explained we just wanted a portrait of the two of us while I happen to be pregnant, in lieu of traditional maternity photos, and I’m so thrilled with the results. I still don’t feel entirely like myself thanks to the sudden changes that come with pregnancy, but I am incredibly grateful we documented this amazing period of life.

Photos by Devin Softley of Ben Romang Photo

Since this started as an exclusively fashion-focused blog, let me talk outfit and say I actually didn’t style myself… My husband did. Insert nervous smile emoji here. I was feeling too overwhelmed by the whole thing the evening before and wanted to bail. I was looking to use this dress, which he originally spotted at the store while I was complaining that all available maternity clothes weren’t my style. The night before the photos he asked if my pink moto jacket would pair well. And he even suggested this gorgeous necklace he got me for Christmas years ago as the finishing touch. Meanwhile, I spent most of that time half naked in front of a fan bitching about how I’d never be the right temperature again. Get yourself a partner who can step up, even on the small stuff, when you can’t. Bonus points if they know you so well they can help you piece together an outfit that you end up adoring.

I (er, I guess we, or rather Lance) found the knit non-maternity dress at Marshalls for about $17 and I think it will look great after pregnancy as well. I love the midi length on my less-than-tall frame when paired with ankle boots and think a long cardigan would have been an equally good topper. I can’t find the exact items online, but these lookalikes would be nice additions to any autumn wardrobe.

I’m not sure how to wrap this post up because my brain is mush. I get too emotional looking at the photos which leaves me largely useless, and even outside that my few most eloquent hours went toward client work today. I think I just need to wrap it up here and go for a snack. Talk soon?

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