30 Dirty Hair Fixes Under $30

“Dirty hair, don’t care,” has certainly taken a new turn during the stay-at-home orders. A chore I used to tackle every other day is lucky to happen once per week, and while my hair is definitely happier with fewer washes by day three or so it needs a little help.

I used to consider myself a purse aficionado, but a recent closet clean-out shows I’m more about the smaller accessories: hats, scarves, and headbands. These toppers can elevate a look, yes, but on a more practical level they hide my grown-out roots and greasy tresses. (If I find the right beanie I can even cover half my eyebrows and take yet another step out of my makeup routine, which is just the kind of win I’m looking for these days.) Considering the only people who regularly see me are my husband, my barista, and my next-door neighbor covering my dirty hair is certainly faster than washing it, so that is my plan for the foreseeable future. I assume my lone liter of shampoo will last me well into 2021.

While far from groundbreaking, my dirty hair “fixes” — I use quotation marks because the real fix is washing it and I am le tired —include felt/wool hats, beanies, dad caps, wide headbands, bandanas used as headbands, and the occasional dry shampoo. In the market? I rounded up 30 great picks under $30 that will keep you looking presentable enough with minimal effort. You’re welcome in advance.

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