Messy braids during fancy-schmancy events

I once paid a girl $20 to curl my hair before prom. No updo, just curls. She kind of laughed when I asked her to do it. If you can’t tell, I have spent most of my life totally oblivious on how to deal with my hair. And that sucks.

It has just been within recent years I have been able to handle my tresses. It started with basic braids, then the almost-perfect ponytail, then curling, then coloring… You get the idea. I learned how to French braid earlier this year and, while I’m still pretty bad at it, it has opened up a lot of hair possibilities. Hair-tunities, if you will.

These past few weeks I have had a few occasions to rock a dressed-up ‘do and, with some help from the internet, I utilized the messy braid trend. The best part about a braid? It is up, out of the way and doesn’t fall flat like a curl.

While I don’t have a picture of this ‘do from the back, it looked like a looser version of the Side French Braid Bun by Real Simple, except more across the back of my head diagonally instead of running along the hairline. I thought the heavy side-swept bangs kept the front looking soft and the hair a little more formal. It stayed in place throughout the entire evening, which rarely happens with most styles I try.

(Note: This is the suit and clutch I talked about before! I think we make a cute couple… Tee hee.)

Later that week I covered Saint Louis Fashion Week’s first show of the season, Project: Design!, at the Saint Louis Science Center. Since I needed to keep my hair out of my face (for note taking and general sanity), I kept my bangs tucked into the braid and held it back with a small, black headband.

Although it was supposed to curl around my head more, I was happy to get this look on the second try. I was running late (or I felt like I was running late, at least… I think I was actually very early) and had a lot on my mind; as long as it was up, I was good!

As a note to any wanna-be reporters or journalism students, let me warn you that when covering these type of events without a seat you will be forced to stand in the same spot for hours or move, lose your spot and lose your view. I was thrilled I wore comfortable shoes.


I saw a few great braids at STLFW and really enjoyed (minus the standing issue) the event. My section was in print that week, so we were able to run there and online.

All this talk about braids is making me realize how dull my hair looks today… Time for a quick updo? I’m thinking so.

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