Brisk-weather wardrobe road map

Here is a small story to explain my current state of mind, well-being, sanity, calmness and logic: My boyfriend recently pointed out that, it being midterms and all, I was half done with my last semester. My response was the break into hysterical tears and yell at him. Hm. Okay, Julia.. Way to be that girl. Awesome.

Why the craziness? Am I really that sad to see college go? Eh, kind of, but not enough to lose it at the drop of a hat. Was it because I was on my way to work? No, I really like my job. Could it have anything to do with the fact that I am mentally and physically exhausted and overwhelmed? Ding ding ding!

I get the feeling I went into university with X amount of momentum and, somewhere between 2008 and now, I’ve used almost all of it. I think I have a small stockpile to shoot me through job applications, newspaper production nights and exam weeks, but for normal use I’m running low. I used to be able to function on three hours of sleep (hell, I used to work three jobs and take 21 credit hours at a time) and now I whine about six.

College, if this is your version of I’ll make you hate me so you don’t miss me!, it’s sort of working. But kindly cut it out, thank you.

I have changed my morning routine drastically this semester to accommodate my new-found sleepiness. This new routine tends to involve leaving with damp hair (it can dry on the drive… Or in class…), minimal make-up and one of a few go-to outfits. Although I loved my 120-minute morning with its leisurely shower, breakfast, curled hair and news-watching, this newer, shorter morning is working out alright and the brisk-weather wardrobe road map is to thank.

Floral + chunky knit: A thick sweater really tones down the spring-like aspect of the floral pattern, and I’ve been using this trick to wear most my summer dresses into the fall for some time. This sweater (which I am actually wearing right now!) was a clearance find at Gap some years back, and the dress was a Forever 21 score.

Dark dress + thigh-high socks: I actually threw some leggings on under the dress and socks once I realized how cold it was outside. I found this snakeskin-patterned frock at a Ross for $3.99 (I KNOW!) while on vacation over the summer. It, like most other dresses I own, looks best with black boots and American Apparel thigh-high socks. I somehow lost a pair of these babies– which is odd, because they’re sort of gigantic– and I think I need to order a few new pairs before it gets genuinely cold. I bet the taupe pair would be versatile.

Shrunken pullover + patterned scarf: I probably wear one version or another of this outfit more often than anything else anymore. It’s just so… easy. This particular pullover is from Aerie and the scarf is from Target… The really exciting part? I bought the scarf during an after-winter sale and packed it away. I didn’t even remember it when I found it! It was like shopping all over again.

Patterned dress + patterned accessories: Every once in a while, yesterday included, I feel like I’ve been too lazy about my wardrobe choices and I make up for it with rapid.. err.. pattern clashing. A striped dress and a plaid-and-floral scarf? ‘Kay. After a week of skinnies, this seemed like a perfect way to rock my (very busy) Thursday. I had to give a midterm presentation (on the use of brochures at SLU regarding giving and public relations technique, eek!) so I took off the moto-style jacket and scarf to keep within the sort-of-business-casual dress code. This was the first time I had worn it, but I styled it here way-back-when.

Any tips on saving time in the morning?

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