Online Window Shopping

The last few days my head has been in the clouds. JUST KIDDING, MY HEAD HAS BEEN CLOUDED BY PAIN MEDICINE AFTER HAVING MY WISDOM TEETH REMOVED. It’s kind of the same, right?

I realize now they lighten the blow of surgical recovery when you’re planning the procedure. “They’re impac- well, we’ll say partly impacted because one tooth is popping out,” they said. “This will be perfectly routine. There’s nothing out of the ordinary here. This should be an easy procedure.”

I realize now they said the procedure would be easy. Not the recovery.

It’s good they explained it the way they did, because I’m not sure I would have gone to the surgery if I’d realized exactly what the recovery would be like—and I’m assuming they could tell that from my horrified face the second I walked in. I was anticipating the mouth pain and swelling, but the ear and balance issues (caused by aforementioned swelling) were unexpected and unwelcome. The stitches are more uncomfortable than I expected. And oh my GOD AM I SO TIRED.

Anyway. For a few days of recovery I was too dizzy to even look at my computer, but today I am sleepy and screen friendly. Sounds like the perfect day to spend some time online shopping, no?


I bought two things, both seriously on sale: these high-rise jeans and this embroidered star shirt, both from Madewell. I’ve actually been eyeing this shirt for months (see, Mom, it’s the one I pointed out when we went to the mall!) and it finally went on sale. As for the jeans? I’m horrified at the idea of buying pants online but hopefully these work, as I’ve been meaning to upgrade my skinny jeans to a high-waisted version. I’ll have long legs for days!

Thanks to some impressive self control (aka, limited funds) I did not buy everything I fell in love with. What else was I eyeing this weekend? Take a peek!

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