This Skirt is Bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S

I have this problem where I see odd clothes and instantly squeal, “I have to wear that.” There was that zebra-print skirt I drunkenly bought a few years back, or the cat dress that I wore to death at my first office job. The most recent addition? A super sale denim midi skirt covered in Warhol-like bananas spotted in the Anthro clearance room.

I’m not exactly sure why I fell in love with this piece, as on paper it isn’t a great match for my wardrobe. I prefer neutrals, personally, or at least burnt or dull colors. I like mini skirts more than their longer counterparts. And I try my best to keep white out of my wardrobe solely because I spill a lot of coffee. But somehow—with its low price point, weird ass pattern, and wrinkle resistant fabric (all hail denim!)—this white, bright, midi skirt made its way into my closet and my weird fashion loving heart.

Photos by Ben Romang Photography

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Unfortunately, this exact banana-print skirt is sold out on the Anthro website (but can still be spotted on Poshmark, if you’re obsessed!) Lucky for you, the internet seems to be full of fruit-covered clothing at a plethora of price points.

Doesn’t this tropical print pair perfectly with this background? The team at Ben Romang Photography (a.k.a. my painfully talented friends Ben and Devin) recommended the location when we last met up in Springfield, Illinois. The duo took a downtown insurance building and turned it into three distinct photo destinations—including this bold, industrial look and this charming and colorful scene. Leave it to the pros to find the hidden gems, right?

And leave it to the weirdos to always buy the bizarre-printed items.

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