Padded Headband + Polka Dots

This is not what I looked like today. Today I wore one of my husband’s old tees and a pair of men’s terry shorts. My hair is in a sloppy bun. I’m pretty zitty.

This isn’t what I looked like today, but going through old photos and starting to blog normally makes things feel a little more… regular. And in a time where nothing is regular, I appreciate that. Let’s instead list this as an outfit I can’t wait to wear again as soon as we’re all allowed to go out.

The one item I am continuing to wear a ton is this headband. Pre-my latest hair color I was loving it to cover my roots. Now a headband is the easiest way to look put together on a video call. Somehow over the last two months I went from three headbands to probably ten, largely from the T.J.Maxx clearance area. You can find them there, including this one, for under $3!

And knowing me, I’ll remain obsessed with them for a few months and go way too crazy. Anyone else overbuy specific items you’re ‘having a moment with’? Please tell me I’m not alone in this.

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