Pajamas, Please | Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual Sale, and I want new PJs

Blah. I don’t feel very well. It’s the stupid seasons changing like they do every stupid year

…Okay, I’m not that cynical, but the generic cough syrup is disgusting and this BreatheRight strip is hurting and my sinuses are so icky my teeth hurt. My teeeeeeeth. How does this even happen? All I care about at this particular second is pajamas. And there happens to be a pajama sale– well, general sale, but it includes pajamas– at Victoria’s Secret.

Let's Get Sleepy

I love a good pajama set. While a button-down and pants might not be too, uh, sexpot, they are awesome for women living with men who keep the apartment too cold. Also, they come in fun patterns. And they often have pockets. And short of another XXX VitaminWater, a good PJ set sounds like the thing to make me feel better.

While these sets are too cute, and I would love to snuggle up in any of them, that is not what they look like when I wear them. For whatever reason, I tend to button the buttons. Lame, I know.

Good luck this allergy season. Har har.

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