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There’s this funny—and by funny, I mean terrible—thing about owning a non-iPhone: It’s much, much, MUCH harder to find a case. Sure, there are options at the phone store, and even a few at discount super centers and electronics warehouses; but while shopping you’re bound to see, over there in the corner smiling at you, the perfect phone case… made exclusively for whatever number of iPhone the globe is currently on. How peachy.

But never fear, Android addicts! For those of you who selected the better smartphone (#sorrynotsorry) I’ve rounded up a few case options. I’m currently using a Samsung Galaxy S3, and I could not be happier with it. It has an impressive battery life, great multitasking features, and a plethora of useful (and entertaining) apps. Thanks to these cases, your S3’s exterior can match the awesomeness of its sheer existence. Boom.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Cases
Find the cases here… Classic, Patterned, Interactive, Girlie and Monogrammed // Image: Samsung Galaxy S3 Cases by ohjuliaann

And while I adore my Galaxy S3, there are some Samsung Galaxy S4 cases worth noting… Y’know, in case you have one… Or I—cough cough—upgrade early… (Damn it, Julia, you can’t upgrade just for the case!)

Samsung Galaxy S4 Cases
Find the cases here… Cheeky, Wrapped, Peek-A-Boo Screen, Playful and Kickstand // Image: Samsung Galaxy S4 Cases by ohjuliaann

New to Android? Try out some of my favorite (free!) apps, listed previously on the blog here, here, and here.

The tortoise shell and Kate Spade fortune cookie options are my favorite. Which case do you love?

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