Seeing Spots

Oh! Hello there. I didn’t see you. I was too busy gawking at these fucking photos that make my zitty, bloating, post-IVF ass momentarily feel modelesque.

I really like this dress and I got it for free through a funny, non-blogging way, and we’re going to talk about that at the end of the post. For now, let’s discuss how Ben Romang Photography turned the outside of an insurance building in my hometown of Springfield, Illinois, into an epic photo background.

Photos by Ben Romang Photography

I feel weird telling you to book a photographer for engagement or senior photos and request the side of this office building, but like… You’re tempted, aren’t you? And to be honest, this building is so nondescript outside of a lens that I, a native of this city, had no clue what it looked like when they told me where to meet them.

The duo behind Ben Romang Photography is so fun to work with, which is good because  we needed something to get our minds off the weather. It was painfully hot when we shot these, and in true Midwestern fashion the humidity was undoubtedly in the 90-plus percent range. Despite the fact that I was sweating my tits off, I  am feeling myself in these photos! They turned me from that drippy Nightmare Before Christmas swamp monster into a pretend model, and that’s the kind of win I need in my life right now.

Now onto the dress: it was free thanks to a wedding registry we (cough, I, cough) made when we were engaged. If you’d getting hitched, keep an eye out for gift card rewards for registry creation. Or do it when you’re not engaged. I’m no tattletale.

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