As Seen In… Oh Julia Ann and autumn attire in the premiere issue of juxtaPOSE

By now we’re all familiar with the syndrome known as resting bitch face, or RBF. I suffer from something quite opposite that, to my knowledge, doesn’t yet have a catchy name. Let’s call it reverse RBF. My relaxed face is smiling, and my remotely happy face is really smiling… Like to the point of ‘Jesus H, Julia, stop smiling or I’m abandoning you in H&M. And because it’s autumn, I’m even more smiley, as it is simply the best part of the year. No arguing, and you’re totally wrong if you thought summer was the best, sorry to break the bad news. Thanksgiving, hot beverages, cozy pajamas, jewel tones, layers… Add in Netflix, boyfriend/pet cuddles and flavored margaritas, and it’s oddly close to my paradise island. As a photographer once quite accurately  pointed out, autumn is a good time for me and my paleness. All hail fall, king of the seasons.

So it’s almost like the new e-mag juxtaPOSE read my autumn-obsessed mind, because I was mid-ode to the season when they approached me about November attire. I style looks for fall in my head all year long, and I wear boots until it’s 90 degrees. You can’t even imagine how big my smile was I started prepping the look… Oh wait, you can, because there are obviously pictures. 

What I’m Wearing… Peplum top, 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target [HERE or check your local sale racks] | Chambray top, Forever 21 [SIMILAR] | Skinny Jeans, AE [HERE] | Tote, MBMJ [HERE in current colors] | Boots, Steve Madden [SIMILAR] | Necklace, DIY | Earrings, Forever 21 [SIMILAR] | Glasses, DVF [HERE]
Flip through juxtaPOSE to check out the fall styles created by other St. Louis bloggers and boutiques.

Find me on page sixteen!

Now back to autumn. Oh, and autumn attire. Aren’t layers just the best?






With the weather the way it is, I’m guessing I’ll be stuck in reverse resting bitch face for weeks. Here’s hoping!

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