Shopping for Stacking Rings

I never wore a ring before I was married—or at least not consistently. There was a brief period when I wore the bearing cover from my high school boyfriend’s skateboard on my thumb, but the relationship was on again/off again, so the ring followed suit.

When I got my engagement ring it felt so uncomfortable. I kept poking myself with it. It seemed in the way when I applied hand lotion or put on gloves. And none of my other jewelry matched it! After weeks of being thrilled to have it, but frankly annoyed by its physical presence, I decided the only solution was to find more rings. Obviously that makes sense.

Instead of going for major cocktail rings I stick to fairly dainty options I can stack or wear next to others. In the market? I rounded up some of my favorites below.

Now all my jewelry matches because I have white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold on my fingers at once!

Now if only I could get use to the feeling of multi-finger rings…

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