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Oh boy, do I have a lot of back posts to share with you! Things have just been a little too… uh… busy to finish a few. Ha! If you didn’t know, we had some home repair emergencies and are doing massive improvements on our house. With all the work we’re doing, we are knee deep in estimates and consultations. Roofers. Exterior contractors. Plumbers. Contractors. It’s a busy time in the Cain home. But there’s a funny thing about improving your home: the more projects you start, the more you want to improve! And that includes the electronics.

I found out about Best Buy’s free in-home consultations when I started researching the easiest way to run television cords behind your wall. But now that I’ve done a little more research, there are even more products that may warrant a spot in the house!

The Ring Video Doorbell 2, for example, let’s you see who is at the door whether or not you’re actually home. It even includes two-way audio so you can listen and respond to anyone there, making it appear like you’re actually home. We’re already redoing the outside of the home; wouldn’t this be a perfect addition? Or there’s the eero Mesh Wifi System. Like many century homes, ours has a hard time getting Wifi through the house. To fix problems like that, the eero Mesh Wifi system comes with three pieces to extend your range through up to five bedrooms. (In a dream world I could even add something like the GE Profile Wall Oven because double ovens are #goals, but not practical for my already complete city kitchen.)

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So how’s the process work? Much like any other home improvement consultation! An expert from Best Buy visits your home on a day and time that work for you. During your meeting, the tech pro will provide recommendations, as well as a personalized plan, to better your home (and life!) with the perfect technology. Once you pick what you want, Best Buy keeps working with you the entire time and coordinates your deliveries and installations!  for the right solution to improve their homes and lives through tech. Consumers can choose what works for them, and Best Buy will coordinate deliveries and installations. All for free!

What will you improve with an in-home Best Buy advisor?

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