Return of the Blouse | The Life, Death, and Resurrection of the ‘Going-Out Top’ Part II

The great Going-Out Top debate. A tale as old as time, or as old as shopping malls at least. It’s a near-timeless conversation about whether or not the illusive concept of a showy blouse, meant to be worn with jeans, is actually the world’s greatest solution to a semi-dressy night out. And much like the formal nature of Going-Out Tops, I have added unnecessary formality to the discussion around them. Does this count as a thesis?

When I discussed the topic three years ago, I explained how practical and fun they seemed as a teen… and how rarely they were used in my early twenties. But once I mixed a structured blouse with boyfriend jeans out of need-new-blog-content necessity, the idea came back into view. Now the going-out top is a prominent staple of my wardrobe, combining the comfort of jeans with the figure-flattering nature of a low-cut top. And with peplum and ruffles personal favorites, I even have options that hide that post-meal belly when you’ve even everything on your plate and your husband’s leftover fries. If that line alone doesn’t convert you, I guess there’s just no hope.

In the spirit of returning to what Young Julia thought Adult Julia would wear, I’ve started supporting silver jewelry styles again. Why did I blindly accept yellow and rose gold as the sole options a few years ago? When Kendra Scott sent me these new silver pieces, I worried I wouldn’t know how to wear them… then remembered silver was everyone’s go-to for most of my life.

Here’s the moral of today’s fashion discussion: Take a step back. Younger you probably had it figured out all along.

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