Suiting Up for Swim Season

Happy Daylight Savings Time, sleepyhead! The only perk of today is that we’ll have more usable daylight hours, and that’s dandy—especially for us bloggers who do outfit shoots after work. But despite that good news, I know you’re still focused on the fact that you lost an hour of sleep today… Or at least I am. And that sucks. So here are some fantastic virtual shopping finds to lighten your mood.

Just remember… Spring Forward means it’s damn near springtime! While you probably own a usable swimsuit—I don’t, which I’m starting to realize is odd—I doubt you’ve got one of these budget-friendly cuties.

Swim Season

Need one? Find them here… Monokini | Stripes | Floral | Cut-Out Top, Bottom | Bejeweled Top, Bottom | Ruffled Top, Bottom | Corset Top, Bottom // Graphic: Swim Season

Help me pick one! I can’t be a swimsuit-less twenty something; what if I actually get invited to go swimming?! Tell me your favorite in the comments.

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