Prepare for the Unpredictable | Boots in Springtime

Okay, okay, it isn’t technically spring yet. But it was 80 degrees today, so I say it’s totally acceptable to call it springtime. Here’s the problem with Midwestern seasons: they get a little out of whack. Case in point, they’re calling for snow tomorrow. There will be plenty of time for exposed legs and pedicured toes during the scorching summer; for now, I’m happy to slowly transition into the next season while maintaining my comfort (ahem, warmth.)

So, deal with this awkward season mix the right way: Throw a button-up under that crop top; wear your skinny jeans instead of cut-offs; and grab some light-colored boots* before you reach for those sandals. It’s March, you crazies, not August, and apparently we should be on the look out for frosty precipitation. Boot weather is here to stay.

*Oh, darling, if you’ve ever read this blog before, the one thing you should know is that I love boots. Is it any surprise that when I was offered my pick of Diba True shoes I selected boots?


Currently Wearing… Chambray Shit, Express [SIMILAR] | Skinny Jeans, AE [HERE] | Crop Top, Nordstrom Rack [SIMILAR] | Boots, c/o Diba True [HERE] | Necklace Charm, Juicy Couture [HERE] | Earrings, c/o Stella & Dot by Kristin McCaw [HERE] | Studded Bracelet, Cara [SIMILAR] | Striped Bangle, Kate Spade [SIMILAR] | Purse, Marc by Marc Jacobs [HERE in current colors] | Glasses, DVF [HERE]




This was the perfect outfit for my recent downtown adventure: a blogging workshop by Lindsay from Heartland Underdog, followed by wandering and lunch with Lance. The leather and layers kept me warm from the random spurts of wind—gotta love big cities full of building-made wind tunnels!—but the hints of floral kept the outfit from being stuck in winter. Take that, confused Midwestern March!

 Now, for a bit about wearing boots in springtime… Leather boots aren’t just for autumn and winter, especially when worn in a lighter color. A smooth exterior, as opposed to suede, also appears more warm-weather ready. I’m sure I’ve made it quite clear on this site that I wear boots as long as humanly possible, but despite my clear bias toward the taller shoes, light boots really are a great option for March, April, and May. During these first few weeks of the season, they’ll be great with jeans tucked in; once things warm up, the boots will pair nicely with springtime dresses and over-the-knee socks. And through the entire year, these beauties are perfect for the totally realistic activity of dodging leftover rain puddles and frolicking through flower fields. Isn’t that what spring is all about?


Happy (early) spring, lovelies!

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