Surrounded by Sunflowers

Sunflowers have always been a personal favorite. They’re beautiful, hilariously tall, delicious (or, you know, the seeds are), and they don’t have much of a scent a perfect combination for the migraine prone and constantly hungry, both of which apply to me. Plus, with its somewhat dusty hue and late bloom season it is the perfect bloom to take us from the worst season to the best. Team autumn forever.

If you too are a sucker for sunflowers, the place to go in the midwest is Eckert’s Belleville Country Store and Farms in Belleville, Illinois, right outside of St. Louis, Missouri. Eckert’s invited us to check out the newly opened sunflower maze and we had an absolute blast. The flowers all five acres of them! were nothing short of breathtaking, and the quaint tractor wagon rides to the fields added a little bit of unexpected fun to the morning on the farm.

Images one, four, and six by Josh Miller

Add a bit of sunflower to your wardrobe with these summer-to-fall pieces, including a few great dupes for this sold-out Madewell dress.

And remember: While this color will last until autumn, the Eckert’s sunflower maze will not! Stop by soon if you want to see these blooms. Is rhyming a cool way to end this post?

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