Tantalizing Turquoise (and Nifty Neutrals)

I’m so picky about the color of my clothing. It’s not that I dislike bright shades… I just think my complexion fits with more dusty shades and muted hues. You see a lot of olives, plums, and mustards on the site, regardless of season. Those shades that live between the neutrals and the neons cover my go-to items—and that’s probably why turquoise is hands-down my favorite gemstone.

Turquoise is that great middle ground between a bright and a muted color. Is it bold? Absolutely, and at first glance, it registers as an a truly bright color. But, depending on the stone, the slightly grungy aspect of turquoise kicks in and the veins become the new focal point. My favorite turquoise pieces feature color variation, a slightly rough texture and heavy veins, but it’s honestly all pretty. With its showstopping range of shades, it is no wonder turquoise continues to grow in popularity and has such a rich cultural past. I fell in love with the stone as a child after seeing it on all of my Colorado-based family and have always loved peppering it throughout my looks. These new earrings are just my latest obsession.

Plus, it makes those neutrals and ultra muted colors look prettier, if I do say so.

Currently wearing… Karlie Kloss x Express bomber jacket c/o [SEEN HERE] | Rebecca Minkoff 5-Zip crossbody bag, Nordstrom Rack | Skater skirt c/o Express | Earrings c/o Kendra Scott | Booties, Naturalizer | Tank, Express Factory Outlet

Rad photos, right? Let us take a break from our previously scheduled fashion conversation to discuss and thank the photography team at Ben Romang Photo. You have seen their work on the blog before (here and here) and we recently partnered on four new looks. I am always blown away with their work. The team is based in Springfield, Illinois, but lucky for us in St. Louis that is a fairly short drive away. Stay tuned for more amazing photos soon and be sure to show the pair some love on social media!

Let’s take a moment to talk about about this S-T-U-N-N-I-N-G location. We shot at St. Louis Union Station, a luxury hotel and historic destination anyone visiting St. Louis needs to see. This location was just outside the Grand Hall bar overlooking the midway and thanks to the glass ceiling in this area it felt like a beautiful spring day. (Spoiler: It was not a beautiful spring day when we photographed this look.)

Now back to the turquoise… If you follow me on Instagram you might remember that these earrings came in a PR package that was damaged during transit. The Kendra Scott team nicely let me hop over to the local store and switch them—which they by no means needed to do since these were sent as a gift and not an item I purchased. And while all the colors were gorgeous, I was elated when they said I could pick whichever stone I liked most because you know I am totally turquoise obsessed. And these new Aragon Statement Earrings in bronze veined turquoise are 100% an outfit-making accessory.



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