Throwback Thursday’s Trash or Treasure: Retro ‘Aloha’ Dress

I was probably thirteen when I bought this dress. I was at a thrift store outside of Denver, and I knew that I loved it, but I couldn’t figure out how to wear it. I kept trying to mix it with modern or edgy pieces—a leather jacket here, some motorcycle boots there. But it’s so light and airy that it never worked the way I had imagined. It ended up in a box that I sent home to my mother to be sold in a garage sale, at which no one bought it. It made its way back inside to the guest room closet, in anticipation of the next sale; and that’s where I found it, complete with my mother’s hand-written price sticker stuck to the bust.

I realize now this dress shouldn’t be weighed down; it should be lifted up! With breezy accessories and a crinoline skirt for extra bounce, I think it finally looks the way I always thought it would. But is it worth keeping, or is it too much kitsch?





Currently wearing… Dress, vintage | Wedges, Nine West [SIMILAR] | Earrings, Betsey Johnson [SIMILAR] | Clutch, vintage | Crinoline skirt, from my high school prom dress

Alright, let me know what you think: Trash or Treasure?

P.S. Happy May Day!


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