Wearable Art

“Why are you taking so much art?” asked my guidance counselor, repeatedly. “I think you really need more math and science.”

Well, Mister Broken Record, I managed to graduate from college and find a job in my field without ever taking calculus or chemistry. But you know what I did take? Every available art class. SO HA HA HA HA HA I TOLD YOU SO.*

Of all my high school memories, art class is one of my most vivid. My locker was in the art loft. I ruined every manicure with spray paint residue and industrial-strength glue. I made people deeply uncomfortable with a (hilarious) “Satan Is My Homeboy” silk screen project. I spent way too long on a large ska-themed mosaic that only turned out so-so. I wasn’t particularly great at anything, but I tried hard at everything. And considering my deep love of crafts, I use the skill set often. Art class for the win!

It should come as no surprise that any reminders of the glories of art class are appreciated. That’s why I instantly fell in love with this necklace. The piece is a handmade mosaic, so each one is a smidge different. Does anything feel better to touch than something so clearly individual?**






Currently wearing… Tank, Converse One Star, Target [SIMILAR] | Chambray blouse, Express [SIMILAR] | Jeans, AE [HERE] | Booties, Madden Girl, Famous Footwear c/o Brown Shoe Company [SIMILAR] | Coach bag, vintage | Cuff, vintage | Statement necklace c/o Karma Mantra [From an upcoming collection; for now, try SIMILAR]

Can you tell I’m ready for fall? These last few cool days have been such a relief. Long sleeves! Long pants! Turquoise and leather! Let’s go!

*Before ya get all pissy… Obviously math and science are important. Unless you want to be a writer, in which case… Let’s just say it’s debatable.

**Actually, mosaics are normally awful to touch. Glass splinters are no laughing matter. Lucky for me, this piece was nicely smoothed, so no little bits stuck out to snag my hair or skin. Whew!

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