Tales of Great Sales | The Free Rebecca Minkoff Dress

A long time ago, at a garage sale far away, I bought a worn-once, still-in-the-box pair of Doc Martins for $2 from a yuppie who said she could never charge more for shoes that had ever held someone else’s feet. I negotiated several thousand off the price of my car. My cat was on clearance at the shelter. I once made $6 while buying Lance three years of bar soap. Oh, and there was that time we found Riot Fest passes for something like twenty bucks.

Ah, the tales of great sales… One good deal sets the precedent for all future shopping, and it destroys any concept of ‘I know this is full price, but I think I’ll buy it anyway.’

Darling, I just shopped the sale that will ruin shopping forever.*

*I hope not forever. But seriously, what a deal.

Let me explain the mystical, magical deal I stumbled upon: Over the weekend, the St. Louis Off Fifth outlet store had marked all women’s and children’s clearance attire down to buy one get two free. BUY. ONE. GET. TWO. FREE. I’VE NEVER EVEN USED THE ABBREVIATION B1G2 BEFORE.

Now, the other two items from the shopping experience will surface on the blog soon. Till then, to explain the full scope of the sale, I will say this: I found one leather investment piece for just under $200 and received two designer dresses for free. The grand total value was more than $1,500, which means I shopped the three at nearly 90 percent off.

RebeccaMinkoffWrapDress-ed1 - Copy

RebeccaMinkoffWrapDress-ed4 - Copy

RebeccaMinkoffWrapDress-ed2 - Copy

RebeccaMinkoffWrapDress-ed5 - Copy

RebeccaMinkoffWrapDress-ed6 - Copy

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I almost missed this beauty. I was searching for my second free item for-practically-ever when I heard my favorite shopping friend—my mother—ask what I thought about this. Good eye, Mom! I can’t believe I almost missed this.

Reasons why this is the perfect summer outfit: Bright colors go with bright colors, so this teal plays perfectly with orange nails and purple lips. Oh, and said bright colors flatter pasty skin (er, “porcelain”… nevermind, let’s call it what it is and it is pasty) when balanced with the light neutrals. Y’know, ‘light neutrals’ like white, brown, and tan, which are proper neutrals for scorching weather.

I’m on cloud nine.

Have a tale of a great sale? Tell me in the comments!

A Reason to Dress Up | Dinner at Ruth’s Chris

Hey there! This post was sponsored by Ruth’s Chris, but the opinions are entirely my own. 

How many items have you bought while saying any of the following phrases? I can wear it on date night. This would be perfect for girl’s night out. I’ll wear this some time when we have to dress up. 

Okay, okay—perhaps you said them in a more natural, less robotic way, but I know the idea is correct. Say otherwise and I’m calling you a liar, period. We all do it, and I’m ultra- extra- super-guilty. Considering I’ve literally worn everything from high-end fitness apparel to an elf costume to a ballgown with opera gloves in order to properly cover the news for my day job—and they say a journalism degree won’t take you anywhere!—I have a good excuse to buy almost any type of attire. Oddly enough, it’s the sorta-kinda dressy pieces that I rarely wear; my girl’s nights out involve Mean Girls and pre-made cocktails, and Lance and my perfect date doesn’t involve pretty shoes that pinch. Equally weird, it’s the sorta-kinda dressy pieces that I always gravitate toward in the store. But where, oh where, does one wear such outerwear? (Or other forms of clothing, I just wanted to throw ya one more where/wear reference. #sorrynotsorry)

Enter Ruth’s Chris. Tell me a place is known for good steak and I’m 95 percent sold. Show me said place has a ridiculous cocktail menu and baby, I’m there.

Lance and I were recently invited to Ruth’s Chris in downtown St. Louis (one of two STL-area locations) to sample appetizers and entrees, sip on cocktails and enjoy a meal from the new pre-fixe menus. Whether you want to try the meal yourself ($39.95, sans the drinks) or stop by for cocktails and snacks from the Sizzle, Swizzle & Swirl menu, this is the place to wear the unworn items you previously labeled as “going-out tops” and left to die in your closet.

Scroll down and get hungry as I recap the evening…

I started the night with a Rum Julius. Yes ma’am, that’s rum, orange and pineapple. Uhm… wow.


Our private dining experience gave us fun peeks at St. Louis’ beloved Gateway Arch. Hello, Arch!


The meal began with salad, like most adult meals should (yet none of mine ever do.) Since we were at a steak house, the salad—ahem, a BLT salad, OMG!—obviously wasn’t all veggies.


Then I was ready for drink No. 2: The Blushing Harlot. Yeah, the name sold me on this one, but the taste kept me coming back for every last drop. There was a serious ‘This is empty?!?’ moment 25 minutes after I took this photo.


Time for the entree! Dinner was a four oz. filet topped with a crabcake, a broiled tomato and a stuffed chicken breast. Yeah. All of that. IT’S INTENSE, FOLKS. Word to the wise: arrive hungry. We sampled both side options; should you go, I fully recommend the ultra-buttery mashed potatoes.


Time for the ‘Dessert Duo,’ which was pretty much delicious butter with a graham cracker crust and a small pot of melted buttery goodness with fruit. Ammmmazing.

…And now I’m hungry. If you are, too, you can:

A) Go to bed hungry without a plan
B) Go to bed hungry with a plan to eat at Ruth’s Chris
C) Go to bed hungry with hopes of eating for free at Ruth’s Chris by entering ALIVE Magazine’s meal-for-four contest
D) All of the above, but eat something first, like cereal

I don’t know about you, but I’m certainly not going to bed hungry.

Don’t forget! This post was sponsored by Ruth’s Chris, but the thoughts about about this crazy good food are entirely my own. 

Holy Scallops! | Playing with Patterns from Pitaya

Jack Rogers sandals. Lilly Pulitzer dresses. Colorful pants. Most monogrammed items. There’s a whole list of stylish things I appreciate… from a distance.

In case you couldn’t guess, I read a lot of fashion blogs, many of which feature styles that I admire, but don’t necessarily wear. I use my day job as a place to fulfill any desire to wear a sweater set and pearls, but even there I still can’t get away with a mint lace skater dress or a popped collar. (Okay, I don’t actually want the latter, but I couldn’t think of a more extreme example. You see where I’m going with this.)

Case in point: the blogosphere (like here and here and here and practically everywhere else) has been buzzing about preppy scalloped-edge attire and accessories, and I’ve been dying to jump on board. But major bummer alert: Every time I’ve seen some scallops, the item has been too girlie-girl for my taste or too expensive for my budget. Can I get some sad brass instruments?

I can surely appreciate blush-colored scalloped lace shorts as much as the next gal, but I just can’t picture myself wearing them. Since I saw my first scalloped shift dress appear on a fashion blog, I’ve been desperately waiting for a scalloped item I could afford and adore. A fun print and a price point under $50 sound reasonable? I thought so, too. Alas, I couldn’t find what I wanted.

So when I saw this leopard skirt hanging in Pitaya, complete with a $36 price tag, I obviously fell in love. FELL IN LOVE.






Currently wearing… Flutter Cap Sleeve Lace Top in Black c/o Pitaya [HERE] | Leopard Print Scallop Hem Short Skirt c/o Pitaya [HERE] | Mossimo Supply Co. Lakitia Sandals in Cognac, Target [HERE] | BCBGeneration ‘MEOW’ bracelet, Nordstrom Rack [try eBay?] | 01:53 PM Watch c/o May28th [HERE] | Cara studded wrap bracelet, Nordstrom [SIMILAR] | Cara rhinestone bracelet, Nordstrom [SIMILAR] | St. John ring c/o Neiman Marcus [SIMILAR] | Forever 21 earrings [SIMILAR] | Kensie belt, DSW [SIMILAR] | Merona clutch, Target [SIMILAR]

I fell in love and now it is mine. The skirt is mine all summer with crop tops. It is mine all winter with tights and boots. And it is mine if I ever decide to be a character from The Flintstones for Halloween. Three cheers for scallops!

DIY Steampunk Statement Necklace

SteampunkStatementNecklaceDIY - 11

Are you itching for a craft? Do you have two to three hours to kill? Got 15-or-so bucks and a pocket full of coupons? Then you’re ready.

Steampunk-inspired accessories seem to be everywhere. Anyone who likes a rough or industrial edge in design can appreciate a few gears or sprockets, and my latest project is literally full of them.

SteampunkStatementNecklaceDIY - 6

Okay, dolls, let’s begin!

SteampunkStatementNecklaceDIY - 7

 The Steampunk Statement Necklace

Here’s what you’ll need…

PSSST! Notice the coupons? You’ll need a friend and/or separate trips to use that many coupons at Michaels. However, there are some great deals going on this week! Find all coupons on the Michaels website or in your local newspaper. And don’t forget to grab the coupon (mine was 40% off) that prints with your receipt! 

  • Large gears [HERE] | Use one 40% off one item coupon
  • Small gears [HERE] | Use one 40% off one item coupon
  • Thick chain [SIMILAR] | Use 30% off entire jewelry-making purchase coupon
  • Jump rings [A variety of THESE] | Use 30% off entire jewelry-making purchase coupon
  • Toggle clasp [SIMILAR] | Use 30% off entire jewelry-making purchase coupon
  • Pliers and wire cutters [SIMILAR] | Use 30% off entire jewelry-making purchase coupon
  • OPTIONAL: Charms (Like locks and keys, which I planned on using, then decided I preferred it without. Up to you!)

Here’s what you’ll do…

Ready? Set? Begin!

Start by placing the large gears in the shape of your necklace. Decide your order and link the large gears together with jump rings. This is hard only because jump rings are kind of evil and holding them with pliers is equally obnoxious.

SteampunkStatementNecklaceDIY - 1

Next, using jump rings, add in medium gears under the large gears to create a steadier shape. Repeat using medium gears to create several additional layers above and below the large gears. Attach all gears using jump rings. Then, add in small gears above, below, and on top of the other gears. Attach using the jump rings that are already on the necklace (meaning: unhook a jump ring that’s already connecting a large and/or medium gear, slip in the small gear, and close it up. This should help fill in any empty spots.)

SteampunkStatementNecklaceDIY - 2

It’s time for the chain!  Measure out the amount of chain you want, cut it, and add the toggle clasp to one side. Find a gear that’s the correct size for your toggle and attach it to the end of your necklace. Connect the non-toggled part of the chain to the other side of the necklace. For the chain and clasp, be sure to use split rings.

SteampunkStatementNecklaceDIY - 3

Try on the necklace, fill in any blank spots with small or medium gears, and enjoy!

SteampunkStatementNecklaceDIY - 5

When I wear this necklace, I feel like I’m in the clock scene from The Great Mouse Detective. Or the clock scene from every other movie that involved fighting inside of a clock tower. Or part of Hickory Dickory Dock. Or like someone who wears a pocket watch. All good things. DIY for the win.

Summertime Stripes | Dressing Up In The Heat, Part Two

 Man oh man, I love a good black-and-white stripe. On blouses, on sweaters, on peplum, on crop tops—it’s probably my favorite pattern, and I now own it in a formal version, thanks to this uber adorable ruffle dress from London Times.

Now, I know what you’re thinking… A dress made entirely out of ruffles sounds painfully girlie. However, a neutrally-hued but incredibly bold pattern—LIKE STRIPES, DUH!—tones down the ultra-femme aspect to create a look that’s balanced and fun.

Here’s the other thing about an all-ruffle dress: depending on your shape, it can add flattering curves (hooray!) or accidentally fill out the space between your curves, like your waist. Oops. A fitted blazer with serious waist accentuation creates the perfect hourglass look. Add a few fun accessories, like these tuxedo shoes and a bright necklace, for a creative cocktail ensemble.

Want to wear it to a work function? Swap the flats for pumps in a solid color and switch the heart necklace for a second long chain.





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Need more ideas for warm-weather formal-wear? Check out installment number one.