See you at #BestDayEverSTL!

Hello, brides- and grooms-to-be! (Or anyone else who loves weddings.) ALIVE Wedding: Best Day Ever is this Thursday, August 27, and you don’t want to miss it. I’ll be co-hosting the event with Amanda of Eat. See. Home., and we are thrilled to be behind a mad-rad-totally-insane giveaway you need to enter.

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With weddings come honeymoons, but there’s so much to plan for the actual big day it just seems like one more cause of stress to me. Wouldn’t it be nice if someone… figured it all out for you? Done and done. We have what you need, and we’re giving it away.

So, what do you need for your honeymoon? First thing to come to my mind is a swimsuit. Whether it’s the beach or a hotel pool, swimsuits are a vital addition. The lucky winner of this giveaway will receive swimwear from local legend Lori Coulter! I am obsessed with the line’s retro looks, although modern options like ruffle bikinis and plunging neck one-pieces are available if that’s more your style.

Image courtesy of Lori Coulter

At some point on your honeymoon, you will need some attire — no shirt, no service is a real thing! An item from Rungolee will also be included. You’ll have to stop by the event to see the exact prize, but I have been creeping on their entire site for a few weeks, and this dress is too cute not to share.


Image courtesy of Rungolee

Next up? Your face! Style My Aisle is a St. Louis company offering wedding styling and day-of coordination, as well as hair and makeup services. Isn’t this bohemian look fantastic? The winner of the giveaway will receive a spectacular beauty package from Style My Aisle.


Image courtesy of Style My Aisle

Makeup is just one of your accessory options — CS Gems, a local line creating one-of-a-kind pieces, will give the winner a $100 gift card! Check out their prices and be blown away by how many great pieces that can get you.


Image courtesy of CS Gems

Wow! What a giveaway, amirite? WAIT, THERE’S MORE. Seriously, like a lot more. So much more. Jane Alexandra Concierge Travel will supply the winner with a luggage and travel set, aka the perfect place to store your new goodies. But where will you go with these beautifully-packed suitcases? Mexico, as Travel Haus is behind a four day, three night honeymoon at Moon Palace Golf + Spa.

So, let’s recap: That’s a honeymoon, luggage, and the stuff to put in your luggage, and it will all be given away at ALIVE Wedding: Best Day Ever at the Boo Cat Club on August 27. Other event highlights include drinks from Pinnacle Vodka, food samples, vendors, gift bags for the first 200 guests, fashion presentations, and more. Tickets to #BestDayEverSTL are $25. See you there!

That Old Jacket

Writing about the scene is hard, because at its best it comes off as nostalgic and a touch corny — and at its worst it’s pretentious and artificial. There’s an unavoidable arrogance in any piece of writing with the, intended or not, ‘We did it better’ theme. So instead of discussing why 90s-style punk is my ideal genre, or how spending years in mosh pits you’re genuinely too small for makes you tougher in all facets of life, I will instead tell the story of why I still own a jacket I was supposed to give away.

studded leather jacket - ohjuliaann (2)

studded leather jacket - ohjuliaann (4)

studded leather jacket - ohjuliaann (3)

studded leather jacket - ohjuliaann (5)

studded leather jacket - ohjuliaann (1)

When I was fifteen, my friend Dylan gave me his jacket. I got my own lusted-after leather jacket for Christmas, and its cheap stitching self-destructed within three days, so it was returned. To ease my aching heart, Dylan — my late night cigarette companion, my forever diner date, and the only person my mother let wear shoes in the house because his boots had too many laces — pulled this guy out of the trunk of his car and gave it to me. There were two rules: I was to fix it up (I clearly did not) and I was to give it away eventually (again with the failure.) I liked the way it looked, all banged up and faded. It was already much too large, so why not enjoy the hand-me-down flair? He snatched one button off the lapel and told me it was mine, so I put my Bic in the pocket and wrapped myself up like some wide-eyed caterpillar in a musty-smelling leather cocoon. It was longer than my miniskirt.

But I never found anyone to give it to.

To start, I didn’t want to part ways with the jacket. I loved it, and it was also winter, so I needed it. I continued to adore this piece season after season, and one year the scene took a shift, as it always does. The music changes for the next group of angry kids and the older ones hold on to what they preferred. Some, like Lance, continue to test the waters of all genres; and others, like myself, stay glued to the same albums for the foreseeable future. Even though it was still our subculture, I was always the young one in our group of friends — ah, the day my children hear the nickname Julia Jailbait shall be an odd one… — so there wasn’t some new baby punk in need of a jacket that I knew. And then I moved. And then I moved again. And again. And somehow it has been a decade and I just uncovered the jacket while unpacking boxes.

At this point I might come across as odd if I go down to the neighborhood skate park, spot a confused looking teen and throw her a coat. I think I’ll have to keep it, with that belt-sized miniskirt and patched up hoodie and studded belt. It will be a hand-me-down to my kids, with a few great mix CDs and a solemn swear of, “It’s the best music, I promise!” They’ll laugh, I’m sure, like I laughed at my mom’s hippie bell bottoms and my dad’s momentary ponytail.

The funny thing is, if Lance and my future children ever decide to rebel against their parents — their pierced, tattooed, skateboarding, NOFX-blaring parents — they will be preppy kids. Jocks, perhaps. Wanna-be yuppies. Isn’t that a scary thought?

At least they’ll have my jacket.

Buh-Bye Summer

How many ways can one girl say she is done with summer? I feel like I have exhausted the phrase. Let me move past words. Actions speak louder, no?

Fuck you, August. I’m wearing boots. 

madewell top with naturalizer naya boots and free people thigh high socks - (5)

madewell top with naturalizer naya boots and free people thigh high socks - (1)

madewell top with naturalizer naya boots and free people thigh high socks - (4)

madewell top with naturalizer naya boots and free people thigh high socks - (6)

madewell top with naturalizer naya boots and free people thigh high socks - (3)

madewell top with naturalizer naya boots and free people thigh high socks - (7)

Currently wearing… Top, Madewell [SIMILAR] | Hat, c/o Pitaya | Socks, c/o Free People [HERE] | Boots, c/o Naturalizer [HERE on sale!] | Druzy bracelet, DIY [TUTORIAL] | Gold bracelet, Charming Charlie [HERE] | Silver bracelets, vintage | Scallop ring, c/o Pitaya | Ring set, Madewell [SIMILAR] Sunglasses, c/o Gordmans [SEEN HERE]

I’m kicking you out of the house, summer. You suck. No one invited you and yet you refuse to leave. You make it too hot to wear things I like; attire suitable for your heat gives people the chance to tell me how “porcelain” (read: “jeez, you’re pale”) my legs are, which makes me respond with bitchy lies about being in epic gang rivalries with the sun that no one ever finds funny but me. Your stupid heat is making my stupid oily skin more gross which is giving me more zits that you can see with your stupid hot-weather barely-there clothes. Because of you, I am one power bill away from offering my first born to the electric company. You killed all my flowers and are filling my yard with prospering weeds. How do the weeds live when the flowers die?! What kind of bullshit witchcraft is this? Your sunshine is making me nauseous. Your outdoor street fairs are ruining my commute. I have enough mosquito bites I actually wondered if I had chickenpox. Let me go back to being a Wednesday Addams-style brat wrapped in knitwear drinking overpriced autumn-themed coffees, please.

The open back of this top (and the iced skinny vanilla latte I’m drinking) are my final acceptable summer thrills — and let’s be real, they will both still be better when it’s 65 degrees. I picked up the top and ring set at A Drop in the Ocean‘s recent Madewell back-to-school shopping event. At least back-to-school means it is almost September.

So here’s to the end of this hellish season: This sweaty, humid horror show of bug bites and sunburns and frizzy hair. The time of year when people actually walk from Point A to Point B on city streets in swimsuits despite the serious lack of beach. The season when pedicure-level foam flip flops somehow count as real shoes. The months when those who shave their legs have to do it every damn day. Screw this noise.

Summer, I’m out. Later loser.

Wedding Wednesday: Join me at #BestDayEverSTL!

Exciting news, guys and dolls. I am co-hosting ALIVE Magazine’s upcoming wedding event, ALIVE Wedding: Best Day Ever!

O8_general social media_504x504px2

Wedding expos are a great way to score discounts and freebies, but the difference here is that ALIVE Wedding isn’t an expo — it’s a curated cocktail party for all brides- and grooms-to-be (as well as wedding parties and planners) with drinks, nibbles, friends, and freebies. Instead of getting in line at breakfast time on a Sunday in a hot convention center, head to the ritzy Boo Cat Club after work and grab a Pinnacle Vodka cocktail while you check out the latest in wedding trends, fashions, and ideas. While you’re there, keep an eye out for wedding pros Style My Aisle, who will share a fashion presentation at the party.

The event is Thursday, August 27 from 7 to 11 p.m. at the Boo Cat Club in St. Louis. Tickets are $25 and include cocktail samples, cake and catering tasting, access to vendors, door prizes, and more. Grab your tickets now; we have weddings to plan!


Thus far, event vendors include: Ces & Judy’s Catering, Trotter Photo of St. Louis, Photo Elegance, Moonrise Hotel, Hyatt Regency St. Louis at The Arch, Pappy’s Smokehouse, Vellum, Drury Plaza Hotel at the Arch, Hollyberry Baking and Catering Company, St. Louis Ballpark Village, PBR St. Louis, Christa Donald Photography, the St. Louis Cardinals, Macy’s, Washington University in St. Louis, Cater Al Fresco, Eye.Do STL, Callier’s Catering, Limitless Planet, and The Cheshire. Additionally, The Great Frame Up, Kendra Scott, Moonrise Hotel, and Billy Goat Chips are working with the #BestDayEverSTL team to create mad-rad gift bags, which will be given to the first 200 attendees.


Here’s what I am the most excited about: Y’know how wedding events typically come with fantastic prizes? My co-host, Amanda of Eat. See. Home., and I are behind a spectacular honeymoon-themed giveaway! This prize package is valued at more than $1,500, and includes honeymoon essentials from brands you love. Get attire ready for a romantic dinner from Rungolee, and the perfect swimsuit from Lori Coulter. Top it off with accessories from CS Gems, beauty from Style My Aisle, and luggage courtesy of Jane Alexandra Concierge Travel. You can enter at the event, but don’t forget to also enter online for a second chance to win! Enter and check out the details here.


Amanda and I are also each giving away a pair of tickets to the event! Enter below for your chance to win. And make sure you come say hi at the party!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

See you at #BestDayEverSTL!

Summer Blues

♫ ♪ ♩ Oh, the weather outside is frightful / and the knits in my closet look delightful / which has made me miss the days of snow / humidity can go, it can go, it can go…(straight to hell.) ♩  ♪ ♬ 

Notice the mystical look to the air in these photos? That’s the humidity, and I am over it. So done. Summer is the worst. Bring on the cool weather!

I officially gave up on trying to look good in the humidity sometime last week. Then, while organizing our closet, I stumbled across my old favorite skirt. It has given me enough hope to survive the summer… so long as it’s over really, really soon.

Striped TShirt and Floral Midi Skirt Outfit Summer - (2)

Striped TShirt and Floral Midi Skirt Outfit Summer - (4)

Striped TShirt and Floral Midi Skirt Outfit Summer - (1)

Striped TShirt and Floral Midi Skirt Outfit Summer - (3)

Currently wearing… Skirt, Forever 21 [SEEN HERE] | Shirt, Gap [SIMILAR] | Shoes, DSW [SIMILAR] | Necklace, gift [SIMILAR] | Sunnies, c/o Gordmans [SEEN HERE] | Bracelet, vintage