Wedding Wednesday: 10 Things to Stop Saying to Brides-To-Be

10 Things to Stop Saying to Brides-To-Be

People say all kinds of nice things to you when you’re engaged. “Congratulations!” “Good for you!” “You’ll make a lovely bride!” You get the idea. But in case you’re not engaged or married, here’s some weird news you might not have expected: People also say some really rude shit about your wedding while you’re planning … Read more

DIY Wedding Save the Dates with Intel 2in1

Intel Levono Yoga Review - DIY Wedding Save The Dates - Oh Julia Ann Blog (1)

Everyone has a different wedding planning style. Some couples want to plan every single detail themselves, creating exactly what they want while perhaps slowly driving themselves insane. Others want to hire trained professionals to craft the feel they’re going for while taking on most of the busy work. We fall into the first group. When … Read more

Saint Louis Fashion Week 2015 // Blogger Adventures

Oh Julia Ann - STLFW -  Ashley Kuenstler Photography (2)

Every year, Saint Louis Fashion Week kindly shares its events with the STLFW VIP bloggers. I already took you to the runway and still presentations; now it’s time to check out all the events that fell in between. Get ready for some eye candy—we went to some of the prettiest parts of the city. Dinner … Read more

Saint Louis Fashion Week Fall 2015 // Favorite Looks


I was thrilled to be selected as a Saint Louis Fashion Week VIP blogger again this year — my first piece of published writing came about when I was 18 because of STLFW (and a very kind reporter), and my earliest bits of blog business were found alongside the same series. Even outside of the amazing … Read more