Happy Halloween, ghouls and goblins! This year, Lance and I headed back in time to the days of Bedrock. Rack of brontosaurus ribs not included.

the flintstones - fred and wilma - diy costume (2)

Lance and I have spent much of this week working on our costumes while watching festive things like The Simpson’s Tree House of Horror and The Addams Family. Measuring, sewing, crafting, Lance — clearly not as used to being fitted for something as I am — worrying I’d poke him with a pin… They say the winter holidays are tough on couples, but a DIY Halloween is a great test of a relationship. Several hours and about $30 later, we’re ready for an evening of drink-or-treating. (I’m not a huge fan of tricks, but everyone loves cocktails and candy.)


the flintstones - fred and wilma - diy costume (3)


I’m pretty proud of these costumes. The outfits are fleece and felt, and the necklace is made of practice golf balls and medical tape.

Now Lance just needs to work on his yabba-dabba’ing.

What are you dressing up as this Halloween? Need a last-minute idea? Check out my DIY cat burglar costume here; it was recently featured on LuckyMag.com!

Leather and Stripes

Remember when I mentioned that I was going out of my way to wear my Pitaya tunic? What about when I said I couldn’t stop wearing my new Naturalizer boots? Can you guess what I wore to Blogger’s Night Out when I was too sleep-deprived from Saint Louis Fashion Week to manage matching a dress to tights?






Currently wearing… Vest, Saks Gray Label, Off Fifth [DISCOUNT OPTION] | Tunic, c/o Pitaya [SIMILAR] | Jeans, AE [HERE] | Boots, c/o Naturalizer [HERE] | Purse, MBMJ Too Hot Too Handle Tote, Off Fifth [HERE in current colors] | Necklace, c/o Pitaya | Bangle, vintage

Blogger’s Night Out began with happy hour shopping at local boutique CLR-MNSTR. The shop — which operates under the tag “be the best or die” — has changed storefronts since I last visited, and I absolutely love this new location. Never fear, downtowners, it’s still on Wash. Ave., quite close to where we headed for dinner and drinks: Hiro Asian Kitchen. The store features women’s attire, jewelry, vintage and more; deal-loving me, I was obviously glued to the sale rack. Bonus points: CLR-MNSTR is affordable as-is, meaning the sale rack is practically free. Not free, but pretty damn close. I bought an adorable clearance top (take a peek here!) and discovered a tasty treat called pineapple vodka. Scary good. 

Alas, I was so focused on pineapple vodka and sale racks that I missed a few must-haves. Peek at my CLR-MNSTR favorites below.


Lusting? Shop… DressSkirt | Tunic | Top // Graphic

Black and white attire from a shop pronounced Color Monster? Irony!

We hit the hay early after Blogger’s Night Out because the next morning featured even more STLFW madness. Stay tuned for the Midwest Fashion Conference and a full look at my new CLR-MNSTR top!

WHAT / WEAR: STLFW featuring Timo Weiland, Tess Giberson, and Yigal Azrouël

WHAT: Timo Weiland, Tess Giberson, and Yigal Azrouël Runway Presentation at St. Louis Union Station

My first published piece of writing was about Saint Louis Fashion Week. I was 18 and living outside of St. Louis, and a reporter from a local newspaper let me shadow her for an evening; after, she offered me a few inches of space in the Sunday Lifestyle section if I could come up with a witty column about our evening by the runway. Among other things, I wrote about the shoes — and how they didn’t quite fit. It’s not an uncommon site at fashion shows, and many models still strut even in the wrong size. That year a girl’s strap had completely come undone and she made her way to the press pit with grace, then turned and sauntered back down the catwalk. It was pretty spectacular. Six years later, I am happy to say I still cover STLFW — and I am even happier to report that STLFW models still kick ass, even in the wrong size stiletto.

The final show of Saint Louis Fashion Week kicked off at downtown’s St. Louis Union Station with a pre-event cocktail party. Lance and I hit Sara’s Social Booth with some friends, I grabbed a Pinnacle cocktail, we gazed at the Saint Rita Parlor still presentation… All in all, it was a fantastic way to spend a Thursday, even before the runway show started. Presenting that evening were designers Timo Weiland, Tess Giberson, and Yigal Azrouël. I swooned when Timo’s black-and-white eyelet appeared on the runway, I drooled for Tess’ metallic midis, and I practically fainted when Yigal perfectly paired leather with a palm tree print.

Although the attire was the clear centerpiece of the evening, the shoe incident was most certainly memorable. A model wearing one of Yigal’s designs was walking in strapless stilettos at least an inch too big, and I half-assumed she had already broken her ankle by the way she fought rolling out of them. Without missing a beat, she slipped the two shoes off, placed them beautifully in one hand, and finished her walk. The crowd went crazy, with cheers of ‘Yeah, girl!’ echoing throughout the space. As someone who has been there, I appreciated the unintentional nod to carrying your heels home after a party; I’m sure I looked just as modelesque while I did it (har har.)


Yigal Azrouël


Yigal Azrouël


Tess Giberson


Timo Weiland


Tess Giberson


Timo Weiland


Tess Giberson


Tess Giberson


Timo Weiland


Yigal Azrouël


Timo Weiland


Yigal Azrouël


Timo Weiland


Saint Rita Parlor

WEAR: Printed shirt with skull tie on Lance, and clearanced velvet Rachel Roy on Julia


Even in mouse glasses, Kristen‘s look is flawless. How is that possible? // Photo courtesy of Sara’s Social Booth





Lance is currently wearing… Blazer, thrifted | Tie, Target [HERE] | Shirt, Target [HERE] | Pants, Target [HERE] | Shoes, Vans [SIMILAR]


Photo courtesy of Angie Vinson for ALIVE Magazine



Currently wearing… Find details in this blog post

Does that wrap up my STLFW coverage? No way! I’m a STLFW ambassador, which means I was able to attend tons of extra events. Look out for more coverage soon!

Tales of Great Sales | The Nearly 95% Off Rachel Roy Dress

It is with great pleasure that I finally introduce this Tale of a Great Sale. This dress hung waiting, longingly, in my closet for months. It was too warm for velvet, so I waited impatiently for autumn to arrive. It’s finally time.

I found this Rachel Roy dress marked down from some $450 to — wait for it — $25.

It was covered in sale sticker after sale sticker, and I can tell you exactly why. This dress looks awful on the hanger. Like… so awful. And gigantic. It appears to be a huge velvet-and-pleat potato sack. This dress on a hanger makes you assume you’ll be swallowed by a velvet monster, and as it eats, you’ll pass through its pleated digestive track. My friend Sara was more than bewildered when I grabbed it off the sale rack; but since I’m always cold, I can’t turn a blind eye to a discounted velvet.

And so, without definitive proof, I can completely guarantee that this dress was marked down nearly 95 percent because it looks god-awful on a hanger.

I recently wore it to Saint Louis Fashion Week. Take a peek below.







Currently wearing… Dress, Rachel Roy, TJMaxx | Necklace and earrings, c/o Pitaya | Belt, Kensie, DSW [SIMILAR] | Rings, vintage Shoes, Vince Camuto, DSW [SIMILAR] | Flash tattoo, c/o Glik’s [HERE] | Purse, Marc by Marc Jacobs Too Hot To Handle Tote [HERE in current color]

Ah, what a difference a belt makes. Oh, and a body underneath. Moral to the story: TRY EVERYTHING ON. The end.

 See more STLFW soon!


Dear Sweet, New Naya Boots | Coffee with Naturalizer

Boots have been my footwear of choice for half of my life. At age twelve, I found a pair of black leather knee-high boots at my grandparents’ house that I wore obsessively, but only while staying in Denver — for a reason unbeknownst to adult Julia, I was convinced they were too scandalous to wear at home. By age fourteen I found my next two key pairs: steel-toed lace-ups (they were perfect with my pink hair) and slouchy leather. Throughout high school, I wore boots daily, and only managed to remove them for prom. In college I started looking for boots with heels or pointy toes or hardware details. And now, at twenty-four, my boot addiction is still going strong. There’s simply no better footwear.

So it makes perfect sense that I would lose my mind when Naturalizer invited me to pick out a pair.

It was the perfect way to spend a Thursday morning. Thanks to comfort shoe company Naturalizer at the Saint Louis Galleria and Brown Shoe Company, I was invited to Coffee with Naturalizer through Saint Louis Fashion Week.  And the shoes I left with are perfect.


Now, before we move on to the amazing boots I was given, let’s peek inside the store. Designers Ron D’Aloia and Jenny Matthews attended the breakfast, along with some amazing people from Naturalizer and Brown Shoe Company. While I sipped my coffee and side-eyed the phenomenal boots by the door, we were introduced to the glories (and surprising styles) of comfortable shoes. The Naturalizer was the first shoe company to create shoes for women’s feet — no joke, before its 1927 inception, women’s shoes were created using smaller men’s shoe forms, which would be a more uncomfortable version of me trying to wear Lance’s tailored-for-huge-shoulders suit several sizes smaller. These days, the store carries women’s dress and casual shoes in sizes 4 through 12 in various widths and calf-sizes.

There’s a huge stigma against comfortable shoes that even I started to embrace. It’s like saying you want a healthy breakfast or a sensible car — saying you’re in the market for comfortable shoes brings about images of squishy soles and ventilation panels and weird perpetually dusty shades of beige. Ah, silly Julia; wrong again! Comfort is key. Not only does Naturalizer house the fashion-forward (and incredibly comfortable) line Naya, but it is in its second collaboration with HGTV star David Bromstad. Take a peek at a few of my favorites below.





While picking one pair was incredibly hard, I wouldn’t be the Julia you know and love, err, tolerate if I didn’t go for tall leather boots. I’m tickled to welcome grey boots to the collection, and have been rearranging planned outfits to find new ways to wear them daily.






Currently wearing… Naya North Boot, c/o Naturalizer [HERE] | Trapeze dress, H&M [SIMILAR] | Vest, Saks Gray Label, Off Fifth [SIMILAR] | Necklaces, one vintage and two c/o  Pitaya [SIMILAR] | Hat, World Market [SIMILAR] | Bracelets, vintage and Jacobs by Marc Jacobs

More STLFW coverage coming soon! Spoiler alert: I wore these boots a lot.