Brick Roads and Brown Booties

Lance and I headed home for the holiday weekend and returned late last night. Have I ever mentioned that we’re from the same city? Hell, have I even ever mentioned where I’m from?

Welcome to my hometown: Springfield, Illinois.






Currently wearing… Jacket, Bitten [SIMILAR] | Dress, Converse One Star [SIMILAR] | Belt, H&M [SIMILAR] | Jeans, AE [HERE] | Booties, Steve Madden c/o Famous Footwear [SIMILAR] | Purse, vintage Coach | Earrings, vintage | Rings, vintage | Bangle, Bellestyle Bijoux c/o Heartland Underdog [Unavailable; see the rest of the collection] | Necklace, Fable & Lore c/o ALIVE Magazine [HERE] | Sunglasses, Banana Republic [SIMILAR]

Home of the horseshoe sandwich, Abraham Lincoln, the oldest indoor skatepark, and a propspering music scene, Springfield is probably one of the rad-dest capital cities out there. Going home this weekend was such a treat—speaking of treats, I grabbed a few great ones while we were there, including lunch at Julia’s Kitchen & Lounge, which is located in the corner of this photo. Maybe I’m a little biased, but that eatery has a pretty perfect name, don’t ya think? 

Word To The Wise: See the road? Beautiful, old, and ready to knock you on your face, pretty girl. Note the chunky heel, and trust me when I say that in a battle between a brick road and your skinny stiletto, you always lose. Chunky heels, wedges and flats only, ladies. The ‘Baby Bambi’ buckling leg look is not flattering. You’re welcome in advance.

So I Hear You’re Hungover…

Okay, I’m not hungover. And I hope you’re not hungover. But I was incredibly sleepy this morning, which looks pretty much the same (splotchy, dry skin… puffy, tired eyes… an overall ‘I made a mistake’ demeanor…) and requires nearly identical treatment.

Funny story about hangovers, and by that, I really mean a sad story about birthdays. There was once a time when my hangovers seemed logical. If you have X-amount of drinks, you feel Y-level of shitty the next day, and you take Z-amount of pain medication. It’s like alcohol-infused algebra. And then, on the eve of my 24th birthday, I had two glasses of rum punch: one with dinner and one after, over the course of almost three hours. I had tried this rum punch before, and while it wasn’t my favorite drink, it was consistently the same—side note, my mother once tried it while we were out to dinner and said it tasted like “Kool-Aid and grain alcohol,” which was probably pretty accurate. Two back-to-back wouldn’t have been strong enough to get drunk, let alone one with dinner and another later on. But, alas, despite this sincere lack of drunkness, the hangover was there in full-force in the morning. And that, dear friends, is why when Lance said “It’s your birthday; I’ll get you lunch anywhere you want,” I said “Auntie Anne’s.” Damn you, hangovers.

Beauty Fixes













Here’s what ya need… Lip Balm | Eye Roll-On | Vitamin C | Concealer | Body Wash | VitaminWater | Highlighter // Graphic: Beauty Fixes

Missing from list: greasy Chinese take-out food, onion rings, overly-thick pancakes with very little syrup.

What’s your secret fix?

London, Rome, Paris, St. Louis | Peek inside the STLFW VIP Blogger Lounge

In the spirit of the upcoming Saint Louis Fashion Week shows, now is the time to show my STL pride. Sure, I’ve only been to one city on this list… But I’m pretty damn certain that it’s my favorite.


Currently wearing… Tank, c/o Shirt Kong [HERE] | Jeans, AE [HERE] | Shoes, BCBGeneration [SIMILAR] | Jacket, H&M [Haven't found anything similar! Send me a link if you see something like it... mine is getting old!] | Bangle, vintage | Earrings, Express [SIMILAR]


I was gifted this fantastic, locally-printed Shirt Kong tank at the recent STLFW VIP Blogger Lounge. The party, which was held at Scape American Bistro in St. Louis’ historic Central West End, included sips and shopping from a variety of area brands—such as Bluebird Apparel, Bellestyle Bijoux, and Suzanne Lay, as seen below—and some incredibly rad swag, like my new city top. I can’t wait to share more from these fantastic companies. Keep your eyes open!


In the mood for more style? Check out the STLFW line-up and start thinking about what you’ll wear now. Happy Sunday!

Oh So Ladylike | Fashion Inspiration from Guilty Pleasure T.V. Shows

I’ve noticed an ongoing theme in my favorite guilty-pleasure television shows. From Glee‘s Emma to Hart of Dixie‘s Lemon, all the way up to the queen of Gossip Girl, Blair—it’s all about ladylike silhouettes and girly details.

With the weather warming up and sundress season quickly approaching, maybe it’s time to steal some fashion inspiration from one of these oh-so-feminine stars.

Television Inspiration: Emma Pillsbury of Glee
Wanna look like Emma? Earrings | Dress | Pumps | Clutch | Bracelet | Dress | Peep-Toes | Dress | Flats [Sold out! SIMILAR] | Necklace [Sold out! SIMILAR] | Watch // Graphic: Television Inspiration

Television Inspiration: Lemon Breeland of Hart of Dixie
Wanna look like Lemon? Watch | Clutch | Dress | Pumps | Necklace | Top | Skirt | Flats | Earrings | Bangle | Bracelet | Dress | Heels // Graphic: Television Inspiration

Television Inspiration: Blair Waldorf of Gossip Girl
Wanna look like Blair? Slingbacks | Pumps | Pumps | Clutch | Dress | Earrings | Bracelet | Dress | Necklace | Earrings | Eyeglasses Case | Dress // Graphic: Television Inspiration

I suppose I ought to clean up my language if I want to rock one of these ultra-feminine frocks, hmm? 

Sneezing in Style | Decor by Isaac Mizrahi (that you can afford!)

Hey there, gorgeous! I was asked to share these new Kleenex by Isaac Mizrahi products with you. While I am being compensated, these thoughts and opinions are my own. Now, enjoy!

Black Line Graphic

There’s this brief lesson early on in journalism school where the professor reminds everyone of the difference between household brand names and product types. You know the ones… It’s really called lip balm. That’s a copy machine. Those are adhesive bandages. But the one that always got me? Facial tissues. Kleenex is a hard brand name to drop. It sort of set the standard, no?

So it makes perfect sense that if facial tissues were on the mind of fashion powerhouse Isaac Mizrahi, the brand would be Kleenex.

Now any project of Mr. Mizrahi is worth a post, but more often than not those beautiful items stay in the lust-worthy category. Thankfully, these are only a few bucks and are available at Target. Oh, and did I mention there’s a printable coupon? Head over here, then click PLAY & SAVE to score your discount.

Kleenex by Isaac Mizrahi (4)

You already know you like the product inside a box of Kleenex—so now, let’s talk about the packaging. These Isaac Mizrahi tissue boxes straddle the line between utilitarian object and home decor. Not to excessively dork-out, but… Don’t they look adorable in the apartment?!

Kleenex by Isaac Mizrahi (7)

Honestly, it’s just such a pleasant surprise when the items I have to have in my home complement my decor. I worked hard to fill our living room with things that make me smile—so hard, in fact, that I deserve to have every item, even the tissues, bring me joy.

Oh, Mr. Mizrahi, I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Don’t fret, fellow pattern-addicts: you’ve only seen a few of Isaac’s Kleenex designs so far!  CLICK HERE to get more home styling tips from Isaac Mizrahi and to see his entire collection for Kleenex. And remember to grab that coupon!

Black Line Graphic

Don’t forget, dolls: While this is part of a paying campaign, these opinions and photos are entirely my own.