Waiting for Fall

It’s hot. It’s humid. It’s hot and it’s humid and I’m in pain. I’m suffering through two blisters because I wore booties when it’s hot and humid because I’m so over summer. Damn it, weather, isn’t it time for fashion’s favorite season? 

There’s no way around it: Autumn is simply the best. As a pale redhead (albeit a fake redhead, but that’s beside the point) with a layering obsession, fall is the greatest time of year. Last fall was spectacular; I vividly recall amazing times with friends, crisp breezes, a fantastic Thanksgiving party, beautiful runway shows, the triumphant return of the Salted Caramel Mocha and Caramel Apple Milkshake… Oh yeah, and the outfits I dream of every day not lucky enough to land in this most sacred of seasons. I’m about ready to make a fall fan club.

You know what else happened last fall? Oh, Julia Ann was named the best written fashion blog in the judged and people’s choice categories at the inaugural Saint Louis Fashion Blog Awards. And I’m still over the moon about it. The 2014 Saint Louis Fashion Blog Awards are on the horizon, and nominations are now open! If you like this site—or any of the other fantastic St. Louis fashion blogs that exist—please head over and fill out this nomination form; I appreciate your support more than you know, guys and dolls.

Now, back to fall outfits. There are countless fashion-related finds I miss during the hot months; here are a few of my favorites.

[P]LEATHER - As seen here.



THIGH-HIGH SOCKS As seen here.

Bolo Tie Necklace with Cut Offs and Cream Blouse (3)


SCARVES As seen here.

 SMALLER - Barefaced Blogger Brunch 1 - Photo by Everyday Fancy


TALL BOOTS As seen here.



THICK BLAZERS As seen here.



LAYERING As seen here.



THIGH-HIGH BOOTS As seen here.



HEAVY FABRICS As seen here.



JACKETS As seen here.

Brick Roads and Brown Booties

So. Many. Boots! (And booties.) Now, if only it was a smidge colder… Cross your fingers and hope for an early autumn!

What are you most excited to wear this fall?

Saks Fifth Avenue Beauty Brunch photo by Ellen of Everyday Fancy.

Wearable Art

“Why are you taking so much art?” asked my guidance counselor, repeatedly. “I think you really need more math and science.”

Well, Mister Broken Record, I managed to graduate from college and find a job in my field without ever taking calculus or chemistry. But you know what I did take? Every available art class. SO HA HA HA HA HA I TOLD YOU SO.*

Of all my high school memories, art class is one of my most vivid. My locker was in the art loft. I ruined every manicure with spray paint residue and industrial-strength glue. I made people deeply uncomfortable with a (hilarious) “Satan Is My Homeboy” silk screen project. I spent way too long on a large ska-themed mosaic that only turned out so-so. I wasn’t particularly great at anything, but I tried hard at everything. And considering my deep love of crafts, I use the skill set often. Art class for the win!

It should come as no surprise that any reminders of the glories of art class are appreciated. That’s why I instantly fell in love with this necklace. The piece is a handmade mosaic, so each one is a smidge different. Does anything feel better to touch than something so clearly individual?**






Currently wearing… Tank, Converse One Star, Target [SIMILAR] | Chambray blouse, Express [SIMILAR] | Jeans, AE [HERE] | Booties, Madden Girl, Famous Footwear c/o Brown Shoe Company [SIMILAR] | Coach bag, vintage | Cuff, vintage | Statement necklace c/o Karma Mantra [From an upcoming collection; for now, try SIMILAR]

Can you tell I’m ready for fall? These last few cool days have been such a relief. Long sleeves! Long pants! Turquoise and leather! Let’s go!

*Before ya get all pissy… Obviously math and science are important. Unless you want to be a writer, in which case… Let’s just say it’s debatable.

**Actually, mosaics are normally awful to touch. Glass splinters are no laughing matter. Lucky for me, this piece was nicely smoothed, so no little bits stuck out to snag my hair or skin. Whew!

Office Attire on the Weekend

Open your eyes, dollface: Jackets and ballet flats are the answers to your problems!

There are two issues at my office that may be problems at yours, too: I’m never certain how far away I’ll have to park—a 10-second or 10-minute walk to the door—and I can’t be sure if I’ll be hot or cold at my desk. Nothing makes you reevaluate your work wardrobe like bleeding blisters and shivering shoulders, so when my partner-in-crime Erin and I hit up the magical Home Goods/Target/T.J.Maxx strip mall in suburban St. Louis, I picked up a few things.

My finds include an Abercrombie & Fitch (HA! I know…) blazer for $16.99, because my actual suit blazer—in all its structured glory—is not very comfortable to wear at a desk for hours and hours. It makes my shoulders feel claustrophobic after 90 minutes. Oh, and since my pinkie toe has formed a small hole in the side of my favorite flats, I grabbed these, admittedly basic, black leather Nine West flats for $24.99.

Good deals aside, buying stuff just for work bums me out. You’re at that 9-to-5 five days a week, but it’s only 40 hours out of 168. So on Sunday, I grabbed these new work items and my two summer weekend staples: v-neck tees and cut-off shorts. It was the easiest, comfiest, perfect-for-Sunday outfit. Yes, the combination of things pairs navy with black. It also involves purple lipstick with a cranberry top, and fall colors in August. Rules are dumb. Don’t be dumb.






Currently wearing… Blazer, Abercrombie & Fitch, T.J.Maxx [SIMILAR] |Tee, American Apparel [HERE] | Shorts, H&M [SIMILAR] | Ballet flats, Nine West, T.J.Maxx [SIMILAR] | Small silver chain, vintage | Mesh chain necklace, Lisa Freede, c/o Neiman Marcus [SIMILAR] | Rhinestone chain necklace, H&M [SIMILAR] | Watch necklace, Marc by Marc Jacobs (old), T.J.Maxx | Bangle, Forever 21 [HERE] | Grey tote, Jacobs by Marc Jacobs [SIMILAR]

On a hilarious ending note, I can’t believe we’re in the last half of summer and I’m still this pale. Ha. Ha ha ha. Ha ha ha ha ha. Sigh.

Live, dress, liiiiiiiivvveee! | Refusing to let high-low die

Furry shoes. Extreme ombre hair. Vine. Thong sandal boots. YOLO. That’s a list of ex-trendy things that came and went incredibly fast. Thank god.

Pictures of people pretending to eat pizza. Easy-to-snag fabrics. The return of scrunchies and jelly sandals. The 2014 Jeep Cherokee. The 20-something-female guilt to enjoy kale. ← That’s a list of shit I wish would disappear immediately.

Sweatshirts tied around waists. The Mango-Strawberry Frutista Freeze at Taco Bell. The word ‘stoked.’ Lime Skittles. The real Jeep Cherokee. Original Vitamin Water. Day drinking, Mad Men-style (kidding, mainly.) ←That’s a list of things that should have stayed, but didn’t because I only have so much say in the world. 

 The high-low trend might has well have been named ‘hi-bye’ instead, because those mullet-esque skirts and dresses came and went immediately. But here’s the thing: I still really like the high-low dress I found last year, so I can’t bring myself to put it in the first category. I didn’t wear it enough. It has to find a way back into the spotlight.

This dress was the perfect thing to wear to a recent August wedding. But, I thought, extreme high-low is so… dated. It’s 2013′s puffy satin shoulder. I mean come on, I described it above as being mullet-esque. When I originally spoke to shopping buddies about the trend, my words were not kind. I should have seen this coming. But I bought the dress for $19 last year and I’ve worn it only a handful of times. We’re budgeters, damn it; I can’t be spending money willy-nilly. (I know, I know, you’re jealous of my sweet use of ‘willy-nilly.’) Also, pre-wedding, I realized my dressy sandals were broken and needed to be replaced. All that—combined with the cost of a wedding gift and gasoline—meant there was simply no money to buy a new dress. (Really, I don’t need one because our closet is full, but I’m still in denial about that, so we’ll say it’s just the money.)

If the asymmetrical hem is still in, I’m sure there’s room for high-low.

To tone down the fairy-like quality of a dress that floats while you walk, I added heavy accessories, dark shoes, and bold lipstick. I’m sure my terribly, less-than-lady-like language kicked any remaining overly-girlie aspects of the look right out.

london times high low floral dress purple with summer strappy heels


 Ah, my hair. I’m pretty proud of this updo. It was almost a this-isn’t-working panic attack (Plan B was… I don’t know, a hat?) but it came together with a shit-ton of hair pins and spray. Whew!



I knew exactly what kind of necklace (and bracelet!) I wanted, but I refused to go buy it. So I turned to my craft kit, tool box, and sewing supplies to whip out this bad boy the day before we left town! Two hours, one migraine, and 7,872 jump rings later… Ta-da!


Currently wearing… Dress, London Times, Dillard’s [SIMILAR/SIMILAR/SIMILAR] | Earrings, old [SIMILAR] | Necklace, DIY | Belt, Kensie Girl, DSW [SIMILAR] | Bracelet, DIY| Clutch, Merona, Target [SIMILAR] | Sandals, BCBG Paris, DSW [HERE; recently found for $14 in-store] | LAQA & CO. Sheer Lip Lube Pencil in ‘Menatour’ [HERE]

Now, if only I could figure out how to make distressed flair jeans from 2004 cool again…

Early (Very Early) Christmas with Shane Co.

I distinctly remember the conversation.

“So, whadya want for Christmas? No, like specifically. You’ve got to want something. Please tell me exactly what it is.”

Since our first gift-giving Christmas together—you see, we started dating right around the holidays, so for our first actual Christmas he technically bought me food from the Springfield, Ill., Denny’s, as we weren’t on gift-giving terms yet—it was easy to tell that Lance panics about giving the proper present. That year I wanted a locket, so I picked one out online; and so began our tradition of me picking out my own gift. Each holiday season, I select what I want, and each time, Lance takes me out to buy it. Once it was a retro-inspired floor lamp. Another time it was a miniature spree at an outlet mall. Most recently, Lance got me the grey bookshelf I’d been eyeing from Target.

But the freedom of selecting my own gift—and a weird determination (that I had never noticed but now see thanks to writing this post) to have every-other-year’s gift be a practical item—is occasionally overwhelming. I think I finally decided on the bookshelf in April. Maybe I ought to start thinking about Christmas in July.

In honor of the early shopping season, legendary jewelry store Shane Co. asked me to style a look with the theme ‘Christmas in July.’ So if I was deciding on my holiday gift now, what would I want? Cool weather, of course, and the fashion perks that come along with it. I miss tights and leather and—dear, sweet fashion gods—boots. Throw in some denim, winter colors, a little pattern, and layered jewelry, and it’s sort of my most favorite type of outfit (that I deeply wish was July appropriate.)

If only it was colder... featuring Shane Co.
Ready to layer up? Find the items here… Vest | Tights | Boots | Dress | Multi-Strand Ring | Studded Ring | Purse | Jacket // Graphic: If only it was colder… featuring Shane Co.

Do you see those sterling silver rings? After digging through their wide selection of jewelry, I fell in love with these two less-than-$40 Shane Co. women’s fashion rings. I’m a wee bit obsessed.

Take notes, Lance. Take notes. Or maybe I’ll just give them to myself! Merry Christmas in July!

Hey you! This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Shane Co. The opinions and text are all mine.