Styled Like Mom | Mother’s Day Twinning

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My mom is the shit. Would it be weird if I sent her a Mother’s Day card that just said that? My mother has a fantastic eye for design and great tastes. We agree on almost all aspects of fashion and style… and when we disagree, we sing “You’re wrongggg, wwww-rrr-ooooo-nnn-gggg!” to each other and … Read more

Hello, warm weather! Hello, hazel2blue!

oh julia ann - hazel2blue - st louis alton outfit - cut off shorts (7)

The first few weeks of warm weather are my favorite; it isn’t too humid and I haven’t gotten a post-air conditioning electric bill. I hope everyone else is enjoying this springtime sweet spot as much as I am. I’ll be spending these next few weeks in blouses, booties, and cut-offs. This outfit is from local boutique … Read more

Little White Dress

oh julia ann outfit - dimvaloo - st louis (4)

I bought this dress largely because my husband wouldn’t let me buy a chenille bedspread. Let’s backtrack: I adore chenille bedspreads. The nubs of the fabric stick out in the most pleasant way, and the coverlet itself tends to be the perfect weight — thin enough to layer but thick enough to make you feel tucked in … Read more