A Little Leaf Peeping

Lance and I are trying to soak in every last moment of our “just the two of us” lives, and today that took us to a nearby park for some leisurely walking and a little foliage admiration. Or as we just learned its called, leaf peeping, which sounds frankly scandalous. We’ve been inside so long that we couldn’t stop pointing at every.single.leaf. to admire its gorgeous color — especially the dark purple and bright orange ones seen behind me that Lance said looked just like some peanut butter Halloween taffy that apparently everyone has had but me. (I believe he ordered us a bag, so I’ll report back.)

I couldn’t stay out too long because the 37-week waddle is real and I get sleepy fast, but it was nice to have an excuse to put on real clothes and get some fresh air with Lance. It looks like I’ll spend the final few weeks of pregnancy incredibly swollen, but thankfully Lifestride sent me a few pairs of autumn shoes in a bigger size so I can at least leave the house in something other than slippers. Paired with my lone pair of maternity jeans thanks to the pandemic I pretty much stayed in leggings the last nine months and this new-to-me thrifted trench I found for under $5, these adorable ankle boots were as comfortable as my house shoes and made me feel a little more like myself.

And bonus points: since they don’t have laces I can slip them on and off myself. It’s the little wins!

Currently wearing… Payton 2 Ankle Boot c/o LifeStride [HERE] | Zorte Long Pendant Necklace c/o Kendra Scott [HERE] | Sweater, old Victoria’s Secret | Coat, secondhand Old Navy found at Saver’s | Sunglasses, vintage | Earrings, old Kendra Scott | Hat c/o Brooklyn Hat Company | Purse, literally won in an Anthropologie holiday contest years ago (I KNOW RIGHT?!)

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