Workout Woes

The first thing I said when I crawled out of bed this morning was, and I quote, “Damn you, Jillian Michaels!”

Why would I curse the name of a famed fitness guru I’ve never met? I tried  her Yoga Meltdown DVD and it kicked my sorry ass. My sorry, lazy ass that hates exercise and refuses to stop ordering pizza and donuts and bright-colored cocktails… but wants to be the same size it was in high school.

As much as I hate to say it, somethings got to give. If I refuse to cut out the crap-tastic food I adore, and I want to keep buying the size I did at 16, I guess it must be the exercise. Damn it.

I am not a fitness person. I don’t enjoy breaking a sweat. I cannot fathom the apparent high you get from running. I like to wear stretch pants while I watch Netflix.

Lance is a fitness person. Lance loves activities that involve breaking a sweat, like skateboarding or playing basketball. Lance loves the high you get from running. And Lance asked me to start joining him in some of the exercise-related activities he so enjoys.

After several god-awful gym attempts, and a few conversations with the boyfriend about my exercise disdain, I finally pinpointed what I hated so much: I, very obviously, did not know what I was doing, and I, very obviously, do not like looking like I do not know what I am doing.

One thing that made me feel out-of-place: I was going in my pajamas. I didn’t own any other stretchy clothes, and I refused to buy something new simply to sweat in it. But eventually Lance convinced me to try working out in the right uniform; and surprisingly, it did make me feel like I belonged, and that made me hate it a whole lot less.

Would a new wardrobe help improve your opinion on working out? Check out a few of my favorite pieces below.


Fashion-Forward and Fit | Pt. 1
Love what you see? Jacket | Tee | Bra | Leggings | Headband | Bag | Shoes // Graphic: Fashion-Forward and Fit

Fashion-Forward and Fit | Pt. 2
Need it all? Tunic [Low stock… SIMILAR] | Shoes | Bra | Leggings | Water bottle | Hair tie | Yoga socks | Bag | Yoga mat // Graphic: Fashion-Forward and Fit

Now, the outfit does not relate to the health benefits or the calories burned or the muscle gained. But if it helps you enjoy the process a little bit more—or, like in my case, it keeps you from hating every aspect of exercise—then that’s spectacular.

Isn’t it amazing how clothing can make you feel? That’s my favorite part of fashion.


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