Blazers, up-dos and dresses– oh my!

Here’s the deal: I’m sleepy. I need more coffee than ever. I’m still becoming acquainted with my new job, my new schedule, all while trying to be the best writer I can be– and look classtastic. I’m perpetually tethered to my planner, my notebook, and an AP Styleguide. I’m attempting to become a morning person, and it is tricky, plain and simple.

To make my mornings easier, I’ve started a system. Monday through Thursday,  while it’s so cold at least, I’m sticking to thick black tights, heeled suede boots and dresses (ideally with pockets).


While I normally style my hair in a diagonal French braid + side-swept fishtail braid bun, pictured above is my first attempt at a (really long hair) French twist! And it stayed like that all day. I’m picking up on this classy thing reaaaallll quick. (And I probably just ruined it all right there. Assuming classy people don’t, y’know, talk about it.)

The coral striped Mossimo Half Back Zipper Fit-and-Flare dress, above, is from Target. With a $5 coupon (found in the coupon section of their website) the dress was $22 and change. I actually own it in two colors/patterns now– my other is the animal print option– as it has pockets and is practically wrinkle-proof. For any lady with a desk job, I fully recommend one of these beauties.

Maggie London Plaid Print Cotton Sheath

Another one of my new bargain babies is this Maggie London Plaid Print Cotton Sheath, which looks spectacular with my teal and black shrunken blazer and boots-and-tights combo. And again, pockets.

Here in STL it is under $40 at T.J. Maxx, as opposed to the $118 online price.

Loft Smitten Kitten Dress

The LOFT Smitten Kitten Print Wedge Dress, a.k.a. the garment with the best god damned name ever, is on sale for $12 at the St. Louis location. TWELVE DOLLARS. Please click the link and check out the original price.

Now let us all rejoice in a happy dance. La. La la la. La la la la la. Discountssss.

And again, pockets. Pockets are the best.

Funny story about this dress: I wore it today, as did the other new girl at my office. With any other dress, I told her, matching could be.. well.. awkward. But matching in purple cat dresses? It just ups the awesome ante.

Shopaholics, I need your help. Best places to find affordable work dress? Annnnd, go!

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