Casual Friday

As I continue learning about my new job, I’ve realized there are more perks to a 9-to-5 than I’d initially imagined; since I always guessed I’d be at a typical newspaper, I was (sort of) prepared for terrible hours and a constant state of moving. That isn’t so with my sweet new job. Instead, I have consistency. An in-office coffee maker. Insurance options. Vacation time. And, of course, Casual Friday.

I capitalize Casual Friday because it is like a holiday to me now. After four days of near-formal per week, I can find my best jeans and feel a little more comfortable. I’ve realized I write best on Casual Friday. I fidget less and focus more. It is a joyous holiday. Three cheers for Casual Friday!

The name is a little misleading, though– casual? Truly casual? Nope. Not even a little. Or at least not my version of truly casual (which normally involves a printed tee). Instead, it’s this weird crossbred bastard child of casual life and business attire. S’okay, I still love it.

Yellow + Draped Cardigan
Moto + Striped Blouse

Note the blouses. I’m thinking that’s one of the key factors. And while I don’t buy skintight denim (hello, I like to sit, thank you) I feel more comfortable with a near-tunic-length blouse and my jeans if I am wearing straight leg, just for a little more coverage. The jackets have been casual in nature (sweater, cotton) but in good condition– as have the denim and boots– and paired with a business-fabric top.

Is it casual? Meh. But it is Casual Friday, and it is comfortable and awesome. Considering I hop into PJs the moment I get home now, it’s good my jeans are still being used for something.

Despite my exhaustion– seriously, may I sleep all weekend?– I need to go run some errands today. Time to get my tired ass in gear! Who knows, maybe while I’m out I’ll find a great clearance’d tunic for next Casual Friday…

What do you wear on Fridays?

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