Blue Jean Baby | My Favorite Denim Shirtdress Styled for Summer

I fell in love with this dress from across the department store. The minute I saw its perfect medium-wash color paired with the flattering seams and semi-stretch fabric, I knew not only was I meant to have it but I was meant to adore it. I brought it up to friends in conversation much like you would a new beau. I pictured our future together on a regular basis; I imagined it with tall brown boots and a wide leather belt, or a full underskirt or as an open-front duster or as the centerpiece of countless other cool-weather outfits. We were early in our relationship, but I knew we were meant to be together forever.

With the power invested in Nordstrom, I happily declare you shirtdress and obsessed owner. You may now rock the frock.

But somehow in our whirlwind romance, I never visualized how I’d style this simple tie-neck shirtdress for the season that truly requires low-fuss apparel: summer. Oops.

I’m sure it slipped my mind mainly because I just don’t like summer that much. But now that it’s officially hot, my only choices were to momentarily retire the dress or decide on my new seasonal approach to styling. Obviously I chose the latter. You don’t turn your back on true love like that.

Currently wearing… Madewell dress, Nordstrom [SEEN HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE | Hat c/o Brooklyn Hat Co. [SEEN HERE] | Barbados Pearl Earrings c/o Collections by Joya [HERE] | Clutch, vintage | Avo Lip Butter in Co-Host c/o LAQA & CO [HERE] | Bangle c/o Free People [SEEN HERE] | Free People heels, DSW [SEEN HERE]

The stretch in the fabric meant I could comfortably roll the sleeves up all the way without damaging the fabric or hurting my arms. I added a few beige accessories like this tan hat, which is a great topper to bring a little shade and hide my needs-to-be-washed hair, and finished things up with a pop of color on the lips. Perfect.

Oh, denim shirtdress, you never fail to amaze me.

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