Cat-Approved Casual Friday

It’s Friddddaaaayyyyyyy! I work in a casual office, so jeans are appropriate any day, but I do recall from my days at the paper how amazing getting out of the pencil skirt and into the skinny jeans felt every Friday. The stretch, the comfort, the fact that it didn’t require tights… So much yes.

And if you like ska (and therefore The Aquabats) you know that Friday is Pizza Day, the best day of the week. Today was clearly the right time to debut my new shirt.

What shirt, you ask? Let me introduce you to PIZZA CAT.

Currently wearing… Shirt, gift | Blazer, TJMaxx | Boots, Naturalizer | Bandana, Fauxgerty | Rebecca Minkoff purse c/o St. Louis Premium Outlets [SEEN HERE] | Bracelet, BCBG

My bestie Sara got me this shirt for Christmas because she is a real-life angel who knows me too well. IT IS A CAT IN A PIZZA. CAT PIZZA. PIZZA CAT. I CAN’T STOP YELLING ABOUT IT GUYS. PEPPERONI PIZZA CAT OMG. She started to apologize for getting me cat-themed shit almost every year and quickly turned it into, “Well obviously I get you cat-themed shit.” Friendship goals right there, kids.

I wish I had a link to buy this shirt, because I know you’re dying for one. I looked for a solid ten minutes and couldn’t find it; I’d keep looking, but I get ice cream after I finish this post, so I’m calling it.

Don’t worry, I know how you’re feeling right now.

It’s only natural to be painfully jealous of this shirt. #catladyforever

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