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Remember when I mentioned the amazing STLFW VIP Bloggers Getaway? IT. WAS. INCREDIBLE. Let us start at the beginning, shall we?

Friday night there was the BLUEBIRD X CLR-MNSTR STLFW VIP Blogger Party, complete with candy from new website Canopi, appetizers, drinks, shopping and… pictures? You put that many bloggers together in a room and the cameras are sure to be a-clickin’.

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Psyche, Lorena & I at CLR-MNSTR. Photo from Economy of Style Instagram.
527697_550962328257711_1375779459_n - Canopi
Photo from
Night 1 - Canopi
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Fun with Canopi in Blue Bird Apparel - Economy of Style
Photo from Economy of Style.


While blogging was the theme of the night, to us who write, the stores were the real idols. Like a fashion-obsessed Nancy Drew I wandered, inquisitive, peering into every tee shirt pile and ring rack looking for themes and style ideas. My overall opinion of both stores? A little crazy, with just enough interest to rock most of their items with simpler accessories. If you’re shopping here, be prepared to make whatever you buy be the center of your outfit attention… And be double prepared to get a little more attention yourself.

Blue Bird the Boutique. This new addition to Wash Ave is located on the most convenient corner and shares a wall with already popular CLR-MNSTR. While they haven’t technically ‘opened’ yet, they’re open a few days a week; according to their Facebook page, the official grand opening is next month. The style was a mix between bohemian, punk and disco with hints of near-tacky accessories and a million items screaming HIPSTER with a capital You probably haven’t heard of it. And it was all these things in the perfect, indulgent way that every young alt-youth boutique is and should be. There were ridiculous, watermelon slice-sized fake diamond necklaces and way cute 3″+ airplane charm bracelets and lust-worthy plastic frame shades that were both fashionable and foldable. This weird stock combination– and drawn-on wall art– and the fact that it is still growing left me feeling intrigued and impressed with the infinite weird and uniqueness of Blue Bird the Boutique.



CLR-MNSTR. Pronounced Color Monster (I had to wait until someone else said it) this shop is equal parts clothing boutique and frequently changing art gallery. Neither Lance nor I normally give two shits about the kind of “art” we see in most hipster-like locations, but this shop was tightly curated and properly displayed. The dresses and paintings all seemed to work together: crazy enough they needed to be the showpiece, so buyers should be prepared to place them on a plain wall and/or wear with basic denim. Hosts of Champagne Fridays– exactly what it sounds like, for free whilst you shop– this shop reads like one that changes often. I’ll be back soon, if for no other reason than to see how many more colors these sweet bracelets they gifted STLFW bloggers come in, because I think I want them all. Perfect for layering, no?




More to come soon. I need a little shut-eye. I think my body is still recovering from the vast amount of crazy this weekend and the sudden spring blizzard in STL isn’t helping me stay awake.


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