Lady in black

Spring is in the air, I know, I know, but my wardrobe is trying to enjoy the last bits of winter. Layers, dark colors, thick fabrics… I might have written about wearing more color, but there’s something so sharp about a monochromatic outfit in black.

By mixing textures and shapes the outfit maintains dimension, even without the inclusion of excess color.

Monochromatic Look from Target
C’mon, you should know by now I’m practically addicted to Target. And everything up there can be found at your favorite mass discount retailer (or at least their website!) Don’t you love that wrap watch? And in black worn with black tights, boots that tall with that high of a heel look stunning– not sleazy. May I have it all, please?

Monochromatic Look from H&M
Pretty and polished, at the typically charming prices that H&M offers. A jeweled high neckline means no room for a necklace, but with a simple bag and shoe there’s room for an eye-catching bracelet. Boxy suit jackets can go suburban mom too fast, but the metallic details pick up on the edgy cuff and keep the outfit feeling balanced. I think I’d start wearing stilettos to work for a look this clean. Can’t you just see it? French twist, latte in hand, and a teeny bit of color in a bright magenta nail.

I’d have an image of the outfit I wore today that inspired this post, but let’s be honest– it’s the Monday after daylight saving time. I couldn’t even get the damn camera in focus this morning. I wore a pair of wood-heeled suede boots, opaque tights, a fitted blazer and a textured mod-influenced LOFT shift. The dress might have only been a few dollars at a yard sale (and required some hemming and cleaning) but believe me, it looked like a million bucks today.

Dressing in all black was a great success, and there’s no trick as to why everything went so well together. The secret, though, was getting all the pet hair off before walking into the office. Now that took some real talent.

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