Layering By Numbers | A Basic Introduction to the Magical World of Layering

After a long fashion talk with a coworker on my lunch break, I decided today is the day: Today, darlings, we’ll talk about why layering works.

Run! Head for your closet! Grab every knit item you own! It’s time!

Okay, let’s start with something simple. Sticking to an all-black (okay, mainly black) outfit makes layering super easy; you can focus on the shapes, not the colors.

Layer By NUmbers - 2

Love it? Sweater | Jeans | Knit Vest | Booties | Leather Vest | Bag | Necklace

Now here’s the million-dollar question: Why does it work? Let’s think about the shapes. The oversized sweater with the skinny jeans is a cute contrast that plenty of people rock regularly. But, it can make you look a little boxy. The loose vest extends past the waistband of the pants, which lengthens you out; the booties add a bit of volume at the bottom for balance. A leather vest tightens the shape on top, while the knit vest softens its hard edges. A long necklace and simple tote complete the ensemble.

That was easy! You’ve totally got this. Okay, now let’s add some variation.

Layer by Numbers - 3

Need it? Top | Tights | Skirt | Shoes | Scarf | Earrings | Watch

Again, ladies: Why does it work? Using a scarf is layering at its easiest. The top dresses down the skirt, but the skirt’s short hem keeps the top from seeming frumpy. The scarf adds extra length, additional warmth, and a pattern; the fact that the color matches the shirt just makes it an easier match-up. Dark accessories pop against the lighter grey and gold.

Feeling super brave? Let’s mix some patterns.

Layer By Numbers

Gotta have it? Shirt | Tights | Dress | Booties | Vest | Earrings // Graphics: Polyvore

Alright, you know what’s coming: Why does it work? The patterns are three different sizes in colors that all go together—ahem, a variety of neutrals. We start with a (large pattern) leopard print shirt and (small pattern) polka dot tights, then add (medium pattern) stripes. The grey vest adds length, and the earrings add color. Ta-da! It’s a dynamic combination. Annnnnnd, all of the pieces would be fun as stand-out items in simpler outfits.

Ah, layers. How I love thee. Let me count the layers…

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