Mixing Seasons, Metals | DIY Mixed-Metals Tassel Necklace

This almost hurts to type. As much as I hate to admit it, there’s one small problem with shopping the clearance racks: When an item is 60, 75, or 90 percent off, it’s rarely the right time to wear it. This was the issue with my recent CLR-MNSTR find; it has been in the twenties and thirties this weekend, so a sheer crop top just won’t do. Sob. I’m sorry to ever point out one of your flaws, dear sale racks.

Thankfully, excluding bikinis, summer items bought in fall can occasionally be layered to survive the cooler season. Sure, this doesn’t help with fall sale items bought in the spring, but we’ll cross that bridge sometime next year.







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Heavy fabrics like leather and velvet help to weigh down the summer top: more importantly, they keep you warm.

The perfect accessory for winterizing a warm-weather blouse? A heavy tassel necklace featuring mixed metals. Mixing metals means you never have to worry about matching, and the tassel means… well, it is just something fun to fiddle with. Lucky for you, it was a fairly simple and affordable DIY project. Find the tutorial below.

DIY Mixed-Metals Tassel Necklace


You’ll need…

  • Various medium-sized chains
  • Skinny chain
  • Extra-large chain
  • Jump rings
  • Jewelry pliers
  • Wire cutters
  • Rhinestone embellishments
  • Lobster clasp
  • Bead cap
  • Eye pins

Here’s what you’ll do…

Take your extra-large chain and weave the medium-sized chains through it.


Attach the medium-sized chains to the extra-large chain using jump rings…. or, if your jump rings are too small, attach the medium-sized chains together, like seen above. Then, attach another chain that will serve as a place to attach the clasp, and as an extender in the back.If you feel as though the chains are moving too much, knot the end around the extra-large chain, and secure the knot together with jump rings, This will be behind your neck, so don’t worry too much about its appearance.


On the other end, create a chain loop around the last link of the extra-large chain and secure the ends to make a circle. Attach the other ends of the medium-sized chain to the loop, and attach a lobster clasp on the other end.


Create the tassel using various lengths of skinny chain, and attach it together using one or many eye pins. Once done, slip the eye pin(s) into the bead cap, then attach to one side of the necklace.


Attach rhinestones using jump rings throughout the necklace, and enjoy your new statement piece.


How do you wear your summer pieces during the fall and winter?


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