Rainbow Brite of an Outfit

This summer heat really has me down. I hate dressing for this time of year — I hate doing anything this time of year — because I find myself going for the same look over and over out of necessity. If you follow me on Instagram you’ve probably noticed. The combo is denim mini skirt + black sandals + an often neutral loose top, and it’s foolproof enough to survive even the most melted of minds.

But then these beautiful, colorful Naturalizer sandals came in the mail. They deserved a new outfit. It was only fair.

I leaned in heavy with the craziness of the banana skirt and decided to add floral in the hat, polka dot top (cough, dress, cough) and multiple extra colors. I’d like to say I had some master plan about balancing certain levels of patterns for a visual balance but I’ll be honest: I was just curious how many bonkers items I could put together without ruining the debut of the season’s best sandals.

Have I mentioned lately how much I love Naturalizer? They were one of the earliest brands I worked with and the makers of the majority of my shoes. I was thrilled when the brand sent over these perfect sandals in a red-orange suede. These are the 27 Edit Della sandals in Poppy Suede (c/o) and (good news!) they are on sale now.

Dare I say, they’ll even look good with my regular, boring summer outfit.

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