Sleepy shopping for STLFW, part one

I might have mentioned before that anymore, I am exhausted after work. Exhausted in the sense that I have no idea how long I wandered the mall after work or how much I spent on this slice of cookie pie I am currently devouring… nor do I care, as I left the mall with two amazingly-priced dresses and this scrumptious slice of cookie pie, which is clearly a rad-tastic way to spent my hard-earned paycheck. Take that, Wednesday.

STLFW VIP Blogger Party Outfit

I found that adorable dress on sale for under $20 at Urban Outfitters, and I think it will go wonderfully with black tights, black heeled boots and my olive moto jacket for this Friday’s CLR-MNSTR X BLUEBIRD STLFW VIP Blogger Party! What do you think? I’m rarely ever a small purse kind of girl, so I’ll have to decide on a bag… I’m thinking I could carry my beautifully-aged grey Marc Jacobs leather tote (from the oh-so affordable ‘special items’ line, eek!) and keep my hair, red lipstick and nails as the pop of color. Or would a bright bag, like my magenta Coach option, look better? C’mon, style lovers, I need a second opinion! Please?

Hump Day is over. It’s officially spring. Let’s get stoked about fashion and STLFW13, baby dolls! But until Friday night, let’s really focus on planning the perfect looks… And working hard and catching some quality ZZZs.

Jesus H., I’m such a dweeb. Back to my cookie pie and PJ party…

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