So, you forgot about Valentine’s Day…

…Or maybe you didn’t forget. You ignored it. You were super busy at work. You never finalized plans. You simply don’t care. Whatever the reason, it hasn’t been figured out yet and you’re going to have to do something, festive or not. Lance and I always keep Valentine’s Day casual; if we’re going to buy an expensive dinner, I’d rather it not be the busiest day of the year. There’s nothing wrong with not having plans—but it’s best to be prepared in case something comes up.

So, unless you’re working, you’re doing one of these three things tomorrow. Here’s how I’d handle it.

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Scenario One: Last-Minute Date


Valentine's Day - Look 1

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Doing… Dinner and bowling. Showing off your lack of coordination really is love.
Eating… Bacon burgers, no onions.
Drinking… Vodka tonic. It’s a classic, which means it’s at least a little classy, yeah?

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Scenario Two: Hanging out with friends


Valentine's Day - Look 2

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Doing… House of Cards: Season 2 marathon on Netflix.
Eating… Takeout Potluck: Everyone brings a few servings of their favorite take-out pizza/curry/sushi/sandwiches/fries. Someone should also bring an antacid.
Drinking… Skinny Girl pre-mixed cocktails. Because diet drinks will totally compensate for all that fast food you just ate.

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Scenario Three: Flying Solo


Valentine's Day - Look 3

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Doing… Binge-playing The Sims 3 and giving yourself a pedicure. Because. It’s. Awesome.
Eating… DiGiorno. The kind that comes with cookies. You had a tough week, and your about to hear at least one apartment complex neighbor have sex; diet be damned.
Drinking… Something fruity and delicious. Y’know, the type of drink you don’t want to order when you’re at the bar. (Except maybe don’t drink it with the pizza.)

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Happy Valentine’s Day, dollface.


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