Adding femininity to my wardrobe

In theory, I love the color pink. I’m a female stereotype, whatever, that’s fine– it’s a lovely color, the end. Since I’ve been coloring my hair (am I supposed to pretend it’s natural? Whoops.) orange-red since age 14, I’ve started weeding out shades that clash with the box-dye, and for the longest time I’ve thought that included pink.

Hot pink, I still agree, looks terrible in medium- to large-sized doses when near my red-orange hair, but light pink might be making a comeback.

It wasn’t just my hair, though… Around the time I started coloring my hair I replaced my flats for Docs and Chucks and florals for leopards and plaids. And somehow, between then and now, I never really balanced the whole wardrobe situation and ended up writing off all feminine pieces without thought.

Below are two light pink, super-feminine pieces I would have scoffed at between 2002 and 2011. So delicate! Too pretty! Blah! After feeling possessed to buy them on Black Friday (was it just the great prices or a spiritual wardrobe intervention?) they’ve turned into some of my favorite pieces… As long as I toughen them up just a smidge.

Bows and Zippers
Pleats, pastel and gold

I suddenly feel inspired to paint my nails Barbie pink and bake. Maybe if I had more super-girly moments my apartment would be cleaner, my closet more organized and my dinners more complete.

Ha. Ha ha ha ha. No, they would be just as screwy.

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