As Much Purple As Possible

Purple is my favorite color. It’s the color of royalty, sure, but that isn’t why I like it. Perhaps my love started with my favorite purple dinosaur as a kid, or the oh-so-delicious purple PEZ. I love purple nail polish and purple lipstick. My wedding colors were all different shades of purple. You get the idea—me + purple = BFFs.

As you can imagine, I own a lot of purple clothing and accessories. From my plum textured jacket (which we call my Prince coat, for obvious reasons) to amethyst jewelry, I love items in nearly every shade and hue… So much so, I asked myself the tough fashion question you probably weren’t waiting for me to answer: How much purple can you wear in one outfit before you look absolutely insane?

I’ve decided it’s two shirts, a skirt, boots, earrings, a purse and lipstick. Nail polish would have been a good addition, too, but I’ve been sick so you’ll have to forgive my laziness.

Currently wearing… Shirt, Free People [HERE] | Skirt, Free People [HERE] | Campbell Crossbody c/o Fossil [HERE] | Shoes c/o Here Today [SEEN HERE]

Sometimes I need weird reasons to try new outfits. Help me think of more. What type of outfit should I try next? As much denim as possible? Animal print? Stripes? Tell me in the comments!

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