Black and White and Red All Over

I could tell you I saved this blog post for today because it is National Stripe Day. I purposefully edited these photos and wrote this copy and waited to click ‘publish’ until March 31st. I could even say I remember to read silly holiday calendars so I can jump on the weird hashtag bandwagon. It would be totally believable.

But that, dear friends, would be grade-A bullshit. Wish it was true. Alas, I am forgetful.

This post should have gone live on Wednesday morning, but I got caught up over-packing for my #Karlie4Express staycation. The events around my 48-hour modeling career (har har) required perhaps four outfit changes, so like any logical lass I packed for eight. Somewhere between steaming a blouse and tracking down snacks I forgot to get this on the site. Whoops.

Lucky for me, a holiday about stripes popped onto my radar. Problem solved!

Currently wearing… Top, I Heart Ronson [HERE] | Pleated Midi Skirt c/o Express [HERE] | Necklace, Hallmark greeting card [seriously… ha! cute, huh?] Lipstick, Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick in Redrum [HERE]

All stripes aside, isn’t this skirt rad? Express makes the best midi circle skirts. I also have a black lace midi and zebra midi from Express, half because the patterns were cool and half because I love the pockets. More room for snacks, right?

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