Early (Very Early) Christmas with Shane Co.

I distinctly remember the conversation.

“So, whadya want for Christmas? No, like specifically. You’ve got to want something. Please tell me exactly what it is.”

Since our first gift-giving Christmas together—you see, we started dating right around the holidays, so for our first actual Christmas he technically bought me food from the Springfield, Ill., Denny’s, as we weren’t on gift-giving terms yet—it was easy to tell that Lance panics about giving the proper present. That year I wanted a locket, so I picked one out online; and so began our tradition of me picking out my own gift. Each holiday season, I select what I want, and each time, Lance takes me out to buy it. Once it was a retro-inspired floor lamp. Another time it was a miniature spree at an outlet mall. Most recently, Lance got me the grey bookshelf I’d been eyeing from Target.

But the freedom of selecting my own gift—and a weird determination (that I had never noticed but now see thanks to writing this post) to have every-other-year’s gift be a practical item—is occasionally overwhelming. I think I finally decided on the bookshelf in April. Maybe I ought to start thinking about Christmas in July.

In honor of the early shopping season, legendary jewelry store Shane Co. asked me to style a look with the theme ‘Christmas in July.’ So if I was deciding on my holiday gift now, what would I want? Cool weather, of course, and the fashion perks that come along with it. I miss tights and leather and—dear, sweet fashion gods—boots. Throw in some denim, winter colors, a little pattern, and layered jewelry, and it’s sort of my most favorite type of outfit (that I deeply wish was July appropriate.)

If only it was colder... featuring Shane Co.
Ready to layer up? Find the items here… Vest | Tights | Boots | Dress | Multi-Strand Ring | Studded Ring | Purse | Jacket // Graphic: If only it was colder… featuring Shane Co.

Do you see those sterling silver rings? After digging through their wide selection of jewelry, I fell in love with these two less-than-$40 Shane Co. women’s fashion rings. I’m a wee bit obsessed.

Take notes, Lance. Take notes. Or maybe I’ll just give them to myself! Merry Christmas in July!

Hey you! This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Shane Co. The opinions and text are all mine.

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