A bow in the hand is worth two in the hairbun

My go-to outfit, as of late, consists of a chambray button down, blacks skinny jeans and black leather slouchy boots with either a messy bun or my hair down and wavy. While I think this look is simple and classic, it can also be sort of… Boring. Yawn. Blah-zay. Dullsville.

To liven things up I’ve been throwing in colorful accessories like enamel bangles and scarves. But, alas, after enough wears this still seems painfully lackluster.

Enter the hair bow.


I bought this cutie at Forever 21 (no longer available online, but here are the smaller ones: Polka Dot Bow Hair Clips) for something like $2+change and love it thrown into a messy bun.

This hair bow love has translated into all types of bows, really. Be it rings, shoes or watches, these femme-fab numbers are my favorite new way to spice up my primarily neutral winter wardrobe.

Bow Obsession
Maybe it was my week with Minnie Mouse, but all I want to do is add petite feminine details to otherwise simple outfits by way of bow. Sweet, no?

Now here’s the big question: how many can be worn at once?

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