How to Avoid Freezing at the Hot List Party | Chilly Girl v. Event A.C.

My air conditioner is turned off and I’m still cold. I guess I’m just one of those girls– always chilly. While I love layers, parties and events, with their extreme air conditioners and crowded rooms, are frustrating times to freeze. That perfectly-picked dress is covered by a blazer; as if that isn’t enough of a bummer, the bulk makes weaving through the crowd feel a bit more… crowded.

Next Friday I’ll be partying in St. Louis’ Central West End at ALIVE Magazine’s Hot List Party. Featuring music, food, drinks and fashion, I’d like to enjoy every aspect as my post-work-week relieving activity. While it may be petty, carrying some evening jacket throughout the event sounds dreadful after a crazed, busy week. Despite the season, I’ve decided to rock a peak-shoulder frock. If I’m always wearing a jacket, I might as well just buy a dress with sleeves.

Off-Season Style

I plan on taking a fall dress into June– this May 31 party is sure to go late!– with nude sandals, stacked bracelets and pops of color. Plus, I found the perfect frock (much like the picture dress, but printed) for $19 at Dillard’s. Take that, air conditioner!

Don’t forget to enter to win two tickets to the ALIVE Magazine Hot List Party HERE! Giveaway ends soon!

Are you still wearing any pieces from autumn? What do you think transitions from season to season?

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