My husband is so incredibly supportive. I couldn’t ask for a better man. One of the earliest ways I noticed he was the man for me was that he went out of his way to talk about my interests — even those he was not too involved in, like fashion.

Since he wasn’t well versed in the subject, his word choices were often… questionable. Take for example something he asked me a few years ago while I was window shopping on Delmar.

“Do you have a shirt that is like, empty on the back, but like… crosses in an X with a peek-a-boo over the boobs? And then…” he smirked a bit, thinking of his words and talking with his hands, “wrapped around up like a noose?”

WHAT. Like a… criss-crossing halter top? 

“Yeah, a halter top! With a criss-cross. That’s it. Do you have one?”


“Oh. It would look nice on you.”

See? He means well. His funny fashion commentary has continued since then. He’s said I look like a pirate, or the main character in Pretty Woman, as a compliment. He told me once I looked like Martha Wayne before she was shot. And the compliment on this outfit? “You look like a sexy incognito celebrity.”  I’ll take it.

Currently wearing… Flea Market Flares, Madewell [SEEN HERE] | Hat c/o Brooklyn Hat Co. [SEEN HERE] | Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac Crossbody c/o St. Louis Premium Outlets [SEEN HERE] | Jacket, Urban Outfitters | Top, Madewell | Kendra Scott Elle earrings in rose quartz c/o Zappos [HERE]

Thanks for the compliments, sweetie. They’re just as unique as you.

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