It’s The Humidity

Funny story: I was, quite literally, developing heat rash on my face as we took these photos. Humidity is rad!

While visiting for a wedding, Lance and I recently met up with Ben and Devin of Ben Romang Photography (a.k.a. two of our favorite photographers) to snap a few photos in my favorite part of our hometown. Downtown Springfield, Illinois, is full of the kind of charm we always try to capture in photos—but since Lance and I are still learning to operate a camera, these pros obviously did it better.

The only downfall of the day? It was shockingly, stiflingly hot with surely 90-plus percent humidity. So while I was loving the views of the inviting boutiques and fetching buildings, I was trying to change clothes in a car with no air conditioning while actually dripping sweat. The end result? Mild heat rash. While not the worst thing that’s ever happened to my skin, it’s certainly not a favorite. I surely recommend visiting Springfield, Illinois, but perhaps you should come in the autumn. The Lincoln sites will look even prettier when the humidity drops below 70 percent.

Currently wearing… Dress, Rebecca Minkoff [See how I bought it for free HERE] | Heels c/o Soft Surroundings [HERE] | Bag c/o Fossil [HERE]

And while you’re there, book Ben Romang. If they can make me look like this while I’m drenched in sweat imagine how good you can look under normal circumstances.

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