Tales of Great Sales | The Free Rebecca Minkoff Dress

A long time ago, at a garage sale far away, I bought a worn-once, still-in-the-box pair of Doc Martins for $2 from a yuppie who said she could never charge more for shoes that had ever held someone else’s feet. I negotiated several thousand off the price of my car. My cat was on clearance at the shelter. I once made $6 while buying Lance three years of bar soap. Oh, and there was that time we found Riot Fest passes for something like twenty bucks.

Ah, the tales of great sales… One good deal sets the precedent for all future shopping, and it destroys any concept of ‘I know this is full price, but I think I’ll buy it anyway.’

Darling, I just shopped the sale that will ruin shopping forever.*

*I hope not forever. But seriously, what a deal.

Let me explain the mystical, magical deal I stumbled upon: Over the weekend, the St. Louis Off Fifth outlet store had marked all women’s and children’s clearance attire down to buy one get two free. BUY. ONE. GET. TWO. FREE. I’VE NEVER EVEN USED THE ABBREVIATION B1G2 BEFORE.

Now, the other two items from the shopping experience will surface on the blog soon. Till then, to explain the full scope of the sale, I will say this: I found one leather investment piece for just under $200 and received two designer dresses for free. The grand total value was more than $1,500, which means I shopped the three at nearly 90 percent off.

RebeccaMinkoffWrapDress-ed1 - Copy

RebeccaMinkoffWrapDress-ed4 - Copy

RebeccaMinkoffWrapDress-ed2 - Copy

RebeccaMinkoffWrapDress-ed5 - Copy

RebeccaMinkoffWrapDress-ed6 - Copy

Currently wearing… Rebecca Minkoff ‘Eros’ Dress, Off Fifth [SIMILAR] | Earrings, vintage | Necklace, vintage | Steve Madden Booties, Famous Footwear, c/o Brown Shoe [SIMILAR] | Bracelet, DIY [TUTORIAL HERE] | Merona Clutch, Target [SIMILAR] | LAQA & CO. Sheer Lip Lube Pencil in ‘Menatour’ [HERE] | OPI Nail Polish in ‘Where Did Suzi’s Man-Go?’ [HERE

I almost missed this beauty. I was searching for my second free item for-practically-ever when I heard my favorite shopping friend—my mother—ask what I thought about this. Good eye, Mom! I can’t believe I almost missed this.

Reasons why this is the perfect summer outfit: Bright colors go with bright colors, so this teal plays perfectly with orange nails and purple lips. Oh, and said bright colors flatter pasty skin (er, “porcelain”… nevermind, let’s call it what it is and it is pasty) when balanced with the light neutrals. Y’know, ‘light neutrals’ like white, brown, and tan, which are proper neutrals for scorching weather.

I’m on cloud nine.

Have a tale of a great sale? Tell me in the comments!


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