Tuxedo Time

Around this time a few years ago, we celebrated my best friend’s graduation at a steakhouse by the river. “It’s a casual place,” she said, so we dressed as such. There was a last-minute venue change, and we did not get the dress code memo. When we arrived, Lance was wearing a plaid button-up with jeans, and I had on a v-neck tee and cotton circle skirt. All this was fine and dandy until a man in a tuxedo with tails asked to valet the car.

“Lance, we can’t get out of the car.”
“Julia, we have to get out of the car.”
“Seriously, we CAN’T get out of the car.”
“Too late!”

To say we were under-dressed would be nothing short of an (extreme) understatement. I’m truly surprised we weren’t turned away at the door.

These days, I keep a tuxedo on my toes, just in case another formal situation arises out of the blue.




Currently Wearing… Blouse, JCPenney [SIMILAR] | Jeans, AE [HERE] | Bangle, Victoria’s Secret [SIMILAR] | Belt, vintage | Earrings, vintage | Sunglasses, c/o Savers [SIMILAR] | Bow tie, from my middle school show choir—HA! | ‘Looking Sharp’ Tuxedo Flats, c/o VOGUE Footwear [HERE; use code OJH15OFF for 15% off]

And don’t forget the bow tie!


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