Pairing Spring Colors with Black

Ugh, FINE YOU GUYS. I will try to like spring. I guess. Maybe. Even though I look way better in autumn hues.

Anyone else not feeling the colors of the season? I have figured out the trick. If you’re not a pastel or neon loving lady, try pairing bits of these brights with tons and tons of black. Like so much black. Stop only right before your entire outfit is back to 100% black. Simple enough. So far, I’m digging the results.

Currently wearing… Plunging V-Neck Floral Ruffle Dress c/o Express [HERE on sale!] | Low Block Heeled Sandal c/o Express [HERE] | Rebecca Minkoff crossbody saddle bag c/o St. Louis Premium Outlets [SIMILAR] | Marc by Marc Jacobs earrings, Nordstrom Rack [old]

Can we all take a second to do a happy dance about the strap across this backless dress? No one wants to play peek-a-boob all night while your sleeves slip off your shoulders (or not in public anyway! Wink wink, har har!) and this is the perfect solution. It is even high enough to clasp it together yourself, because you’re a strong independent woman who don’t need no man to help her with her clothes.

Am I rambling? I’m a little sleepy, and perhaps should stop while I’m ahead. In conclusion: This dress is cute. Colors are complicated. Spring is okay-ish-maybe. I need coffee (and in true spring spirit, I guess I’ll get iced.)

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