Rethinking Casual Friday | Denim on top, teal on bottom

Imagine this: You’re at Target after a particularly gnarly Thursday, mocking (and being terribly disappointed) by the new Kate Young collection– more on that issue to come– when you spot the perfect, on-sale work-ready skirt. It’s colorful. It’s comfortable. But it’s Thursday, so it won’t be worn till Monday, as Fridays are casual.

No way. What fashion-lover has that kind of patience? (Many of them, you say? Well, err, I don’t and I’m not ashamed.)

Blue jeans and a blouse may be my Casual Friday standby, but that recent Target clearance find– and my inability to wait to wear it– left me inspired to switch things around.





Chambray Shirt, Forever 21 | Skirt, Target | Boots, Steve Madden | Tights, Francesca’s | Turquoise Earrings, Vintage | Watch, Anne Klein | Bracelets, CLR-MNSTR, Jacobs by Marc Jacobs, Victoria’s Secret | Long Necklace, Vintage

Note: I bought this skirt a size up, as I was hoping for a hip-fit and not a waist-fit. Let’s be honest and all admit the waist types can be a pain while sitting behind a desk. This skirt is plenty long when it sits at the hips, but if you’re leggy and buying the proper size, it might be reserved for weekends.

If I’m wearing denim on top on casual Friday, why not try some other denim looks? Dresses, blazers… I wear jeans on Saturday; Fridays can be a little more special.

The New Casual Friday
How do you keep your work wardrobe interesting? 

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