Forever in Flares

I pitched a major fit when skinny jeans came in style however many years ago they invaded our malls and homes. Who wants to be stuck in tight pants all day? At the time, my uniform was a tank top and my favorite flares — and it was so unbelievably comfortable.

But then, as if my loose waist band mattered to literally no one, flared jeans became passé. They were like the adidas Superstar sneakers I’d gotten past their prime or last season’s Abercrombie top I was playing off as modern: too little, too late, two seasons behind. Everyone needed skin tight ankle-hugging jeans, and all of the sudden sitting in denim became an exercise in deep breathing instead of a form of relaxation.

And after months and month of ignoring the switch, I finally broke down and tried on a pair of skinny jeans. And then I put them with tall boots and a long top and I too fell in love. My favorite flares were moved to my box of memory clothing, and all pants I purchased during the next decade were stretchy and skin tight.

You can imagine my shock when flares came back in style.






Currently wearing… Tank, Anthropologie [SIMILAR] | Sunglasses, Anthropologie [SIMILAR] | Jeans, Madewell [SEEN HERE] | Hat, Target [HERE] | Bracelet c/o Free People [SEEN HERE] | Rebecca Minkoff MAC crossbody c/o St. Louis Premium Outlets [SEEN HERE]

♫ Hello comfort my old friend… ♫

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